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They have reported, and there will be no world series 194

I like the look of this, but is this actually Rich Harden? Frankie Montas (72) may be hardest thrower in #Athletics camp this spring. — John Hickey (@JHickey3) February 15, 2017 I have $5. No I don\'t.

A Grill, a Bowl, and Thou 344

I used to get excited to gamble on football. Now it just seems like so much work. I just don’t care about the other 31 teams, which kinda seems like a prerequisite. Someone does care about your fantasy team…so they can screw you. The only bet I’m really enthused about today is from the prop ...

Is It February Yet Grill 161

2 weeks + 2 days until Ps & Cs

Front Row Seats 2017 123

You know the drill. $108 for the 2 seats + VIP parking; $98 on free parking Tuesdays. Requests in the comments; first tranche to be submitted Friday Feb 3rd.

B Street Grill 457

The B Street Band, America’s No. 1 Springsteen tribute band, agrees to play Trump inaugural ball: — Consequence of Sound (@coslive) January 11, 2017 Sad! Grill it up, y’all.

New Year a la plancha 328

Let’s start with the obvious. It is generally agreed that 2016 was a Bad Year (not just for the A’s hitters. Or for that matter the A’s pitchers.) It started out kind of blah, continued as if enveloped in a permanent miasma, and ended in disaster both too obvious and too depressing to talk about ...

Lounge: The Reboot 251

2016 hasn’t been a great year and the future feels uncertain. It’s hard to find a lot of good news coming out of this year but we did have some good things like the fact I didn’t post anything for ten months. So, here’s a new lounge to look on the bright side of things ...

Winter Meetings Grill 451

The Grill of the Winter Meetings. Wake me when the A’s make a big move, would you?

Hot Stove Grill 214

The Winter Meetings start Sunday! Forst says A's going into winter meetings more in listening mode than in looking mode. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) November 30, 2016 meh. David Forst says the A's are still looking for a CF either through FA or trade, but could stay in house (Eibner/Smolinski) if need be. — Susan ...

Chess and Other Sports Grill 327

Magnus Carlsen rallied for his first win of the world championships yesterday, converting a tense, pawn-heavy endgame after some complex maneuvering that went way over my head. The match is now level with two games to go. Games 11 and 12 are Saturday and Monday. Tie-breaker games Wednesday if necessary. I’m watching an incredibly violent ...