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The Walking Thread, S4 Ep 9 24

Episode summary: shit happened.   Post your thoughts, comments, complaints, observations, whatever.

The Walking Thread S4,E8 – “Too Far Gone” 11

This is the mid-season finale. Part two of season 4 begins Sunday, February 9, 2014.

The Walking Thread S4,E7 – “Dead Weight” 18

The Walking Thread S4, E6 – “Live Bait” 10

Well, that episode was… different.

The Walking Thread S4, E5 – “Internment” 19

First let me say the entire medical portion of this episode was crap. My nursey/respiratory/paramedic friends had a nice laugh about it. I’m sure that’s why you guys came here, right? To the meat ‘n’ taters of it.

The Talking Thread S4, E4 – “Indifference” 16

This isn’t going to really be a recap of tonight’s episode. I usually watch the episode a few times, pause it, type, and continue on. I got called into work, so I need to sleep soon. Spoilers.

The Walking Thread S4, E3: Isolation 24

Previously on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Thread: S4, E2 – Infected 53

Speaking of infected, I’m filling in for Oz this week.

The Walking Thread: S4, E1: 30 Days Without An Accident 33

So, our favorite band of post-apocalyptic zombie killers is back.