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For the Win! 81

A little bit gamey, a little bit thready 93

Not-Julia Not-Miguel Not- … uh … Not-This? Not-Billie Not-Mexican-or-Healthy-Enough Not-Ichiro Not-Peter Not-Bing Not-Corey Sweeney robs Kinsler (video) (-Danny)

Daily Link Dumpage–It’s April 30th in Japan 92

Since�I’m much too impatient to wait a few minutes until April 30th, I’ve set this to auto post at midnight. It’s already April 30th here. I want a blue name, dernit. Since this DLD is essentially self-serving, I will provide nothing but a link to a blog post that nobody else will care about. -JL ...

2009 FilKRAUT #1: Bat-Boppin’ Skills 11

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMnjF1O4eH0&hl=en&fs=1] Bat-Boppin’ Skills [Original lyrics here.] Ooooh, you gonna drive me home tonight? Oooh, down 6-5 in bottom-9; Are you gonna swing and not strike out? Bat-boppin’ skills, You make the baserunners go ’round. [Continued after the jump.]


It�s Patterson + Cameron Never question TDF when he�s been reading the spoor trail Who gets dropped from the 40-man? Herrera? Gray? I guess Crosby or Chavez would be too much to hope for? Slusser sez that the extra spot on the 40-man will come from Duke going from the 15-day DL to the 60-day ...

This Dailiment Condilink Brump … didn’t suck until all these new people showed up 118

Yeah, that’s right, I’m leading off with not one, but two Barry Bonds links! Fuck you all! Schulman plays clueless, Baggarly comes closer; but I think the reason Bonds refuses to retire is that he’s got a shrewd PR rep, and they’re pushing his HoF eligibility out beyond the realm of fresh ‘roid ire. See, ...

This postgame already sucks 61

Slusser sez: Nomar + Ellis both to DL, an infielder (Patterson?) + a reliever likely up. She makes no mention of Chavvy, but I figger he’s not long for the active list, either. And who knows how well or quickly Casilla and Anderson will recover. Continue to color me unimpressed with Holliday. PoppyEdit: �If anybody ...

This game already sucks 50

Apparently Nomar is hurt again? And/or something about Ellis?

DLD: I’m Good at Titles 162

But not at fun graphs/graphics, or links, or interesting prose, or damnit I don’t have anything to post. I blame the swine flu. Ok, I just looked around for a little longer. There are no links. None. If you go to **, you might notice that our secret is out… also, fk is criticized for ...

I’m bad at titles 163

Free Kraut’s brief lifespan, in graph form: FK could use a bit more Other Stuff, so that’s what this is. Plus, I admit I haven’t fully embraced the “Condiment Bar” moniker. While I respect the clever … ah, frak it. Why soft pedal the truth? We’re all adults here. I’ll just say it. I think ...