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4/3/09: Another tree-saving, newspaper-killing DLD 81

In 2005, when I was working for Safeway in San Rafael, I had the good fortune of getting some free-lance work with Media News Group’s Marin County edition.   Fifty bucks to write a high school football game wrap?  Great work, if you can get it.  Later, I was able to make full-time (albeit-less-than-$14/hr) work out ...

DLD 3/31/09 169

Stuff to read through while you delay writing your dissertation… Tigers release Gary Sheffield. When Sheffield arrived at the Tigers’ clubhouse Tuesday, he knew something was up. “People were looking at me funny,” he said. Teammates or staff? “Staff,” he said. That’s because teammates didn’t know yet that Sheffield was about to be released. When ...


Um … why does this make me feel uncomfortable? He comes off almost as a dilettante who wants to move out of his old neighborhood but wants the new neighborhood to come to him.