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51-53 The Mismatch 111

Blackburn v Valdez The last of Frankie? v Javier Irvin v Verlander Hopefully the astros will think so little of this series they won’t show up. Because on paper…eesh

You can throw away the records, 47-50 124

The bad Texas Rangers visit the bad Oakland Athletics for four, as our brief warm spell has given way to the marine layer. We saw Texas just last month, they took two of three in what has since beome the A’s signature series: blowout loss, narrow loss, narrow win. Jokes on them though, this is ...

Games 44-46 SEAsick 164

It’s a battle for the AL West cellar as the 17-25 Mariners host your 17-26 Athletics in a three-game series. The M’s started the season 11-6 but are a brutal 6-19 since then, coming home now off a four-game sweep by the Red Sox. Their offense has been meh, not helped by Mitch Haniger being ...

Q2 begins at Anaheim 56

Games 41-43, which means we are already a quarter of the way through this furshlugginer season. They are doing camo cosplay for some reason. F: Silseth/Blackburn Sa: Lorenzen/Montas Su: Sandoval/TBA (Cole Irvin will be back in the rotation at some point, but it has not been announced when)

38-40 Return of the Rally Possum 82

Perhaps this is the boost the A’s struggling offense needs. I just hope that power cord isn’t the one that supplies the light towers. (New interface fail: I tried to embed the tweet directly, but kept getting the message “Sorry, this content could not be embedded.”) The season series with the Twins concludes with three ...

34-37 Angels in the KrautField 62

Checking out the new wordpress interface, but getting weird JSON updating errors. 5/13: Silseth v Jeffries 5/14: Diaz v Blackburn & Laurenzen v Oller in a split entry double-header that is somehow “510 Day” 5/15: Sandoval v MontasIf this is His will, He's a son of a bitch.

29-33 Rock City Tigers 130

Blackburn v Pineda (in progress)Tuesday:10:10 Skubal v MontasLet’s say 2ish Martínez v Faedo Wednesday:4:10 Logue v WentzThursday:10:10-Kaprielian v Brieske I am pretty sure these names are from some name generator.

Games 26-28 Dontcha Know 112

The A’s take their 6-game losing streak to Minnesota. F: Logue vs. Josh WInder Sa: Kaprielian vs. Chris Paddack Sonny Gray (11:10 AM) Su: Jefferies vs. Joe Ryan Chris Paddack (11:10 AM)

Extremely tall and extremely wet-looking Tampa Bay Rays relievers 23-24-25 137

A vision too terrifying for fiction. Sure call me a jinx whatever at least I put up a series thread. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."