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Love Missile Game 1-11 You can call me Rays 390

The rays are back, but are now playing really really well. Tonight is Alex Cobb. The Angels this week are in the actual LA they have Greinke/Richards, Kershaw/Santiago, Haren/Shoemaker and Ryu/Wilson. Again the angels look lucky on paper. Should be a split. A’s have their MAXIMUM CATCHER line up: Fuld, Jaso, Donaldson, Moss, Norris, Reddick, ...

The Grill where I pretend to care for the sick boy 267

1. I would like to link to the source, but since its a twitter thing you can read it here, can’t say its bad news for the A’s, but nothing you like to see. I remember thinking this when I saw a webcast of a spring game. 2. Pointless hack For ec 3. I saw ...

Game #4 The hunt for .500 162

#Athletics lineup: Crisp CF, Lowrie SS, Reddick RF, Cespedes DH, Moss 1B, Young LF, Jaso C, Donaldson 3B, Sogard 2B. — Casey Pratt (@CaseyPrattCSN) April 4, 2013 sorry for any that say yesterdays lineup..