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Game 24 Thread 54

Dale Murphy didn’t bunt, you jackass. Hey, a run.

Grill, 30 April 2010 107

1. This is me this morning: 2. I read this story in ninth grade and only years later did I realize it was *that* Roald Dahl. 3. Notwithstanding the source, I wonder if this is true. If so, financial regulation reform it would kill technology start-ups. …it would require that start-ups seeking angel investments file ...

Game 23 Thread A’s vs. Team with Lower Attendance than A’s 147

Do other people get the same “Unresponsive script” note whenever making a new post? The A’s are quite a platoon-free team, but Eric Patterson is really really not being platooned, as he is in against a tough LHP, for reasons I cannot fathom. Odds are high that at least one of the A’s or Sharks ...

Ballpark News 26

Study: New ballpark would bring billions of dollars to Oakland, Alameda County Claiming they are still in the game when it comes to keeping the A’s in Oakland, city officials and others trying to keep the team in town released results of a study Wednesday claiming a new waterfront baseball park is worth millions to ...

Game Thread 22 83

I predict Daric Barton will hit his first HR in this game. In lieu of lineups, I give you places where it’s got to be (a?) Nation’s. Fremont Vacaville East Bay West Bay Napa (when you need a break) Benicia Livermore Pittsburgh Out Orinda way

Musculotendinous Junction 11

According to trainer Steve Sayles, via PR man Bob Rose, [Brett Anderson’s] strain [is] in the musculotendinous junction [Original lyrics here.] Musculotendinous Junction, as performed by the Dr. James Andrews Sisters Feelin’ low Pitchin’ slow Don’t want to go Right back where J. Devine is bound Way down south in Birmingham I mean south in ...

Grill 042810: The Autumn Wind is a Gangsta, Motherfucker 236

Ice Cube has produced a short documentary for espn about the relationship between late 80’s hip-hop and the LA Raiders. He says: It was a team we could identify with, from the neighborhood that we came from. The Lakers was real glitzy and glamour; the Dodgers were seen as a little out of reach. But ...

Game blackjack: A’s @ Rays 175

Sheets vs. Wade Davis Pennington, Barton, Sweeney, Chavez, Kouzmanoff, Gross, Powell, Patterson, Rosales

Tolleson to be Called Up 92

UPDATE: Barton starting, batting 2 Link. It appears that there is no decision on Barton yet; Tolleson would not be a starter, so it looks to me like they are planning for Barton missing a few games. So either Barton will go on the DL or a pitcher will be sent down. Tolleson is an ...

Haitian Healthcare 25

If people are interested, I’ll post more of my friend’s experience in Haiti here – they’re longer posts and I don’t want to over-fill the grill. If this is His will, He's a son of a bitch.