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Whores Play Four Game Sets with Indians 116

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Whores move to San Jose 116

No, really.

… and now there’s another game to play 27

#Athletics at #Indians: Weeks 2b, Crisp cf, Matsui lf, Willingham dh, Allen 1b, DeJesus rf, Pennington ss, Suzuki c, Sizemore 3b — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) August 30, 2011 Cahill vs Gomez

BB s4e7 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part 33

ICIP … 107

… cowbell for Jacob Funk Kirkegaard (ht: MY) … the race card for The Liquor Agency Racket … wooden fish for the Electric Buddhism Sutra Player … funbag for FLUNKY AND THE ASSCHUGGERS … doctor for the Pan American Sanitary Bureau

… and now there’s a game to play 130

#Athletics at #Indians: Weeks 2b, Crisp cf, Matsui dh, Willingham lf, Allen 1b, Jackson rf, Suzuki c, Pennington ss, Sizemore 3b — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) August 29, 2011

… and now I’ve got something to say 96

Well, we can probably lay the Beane’s-leaving talk to rest now that Jenkins has jumped on the bandwagon (Really, Bruce? Dodgers? And no talk of the Lew-to-LA rumors? For shame — the Rumormongerers Local 101 shop steward will note this on your timesheets. Also, what’s up with that closing line? Are you implying that Wolffisher ...

Why Despite Being Blue and Fuzzy grover Is Wrong About the 2011 Draft 94

This started as a response to grover’s excellent fanpost on ** and thread but it outgrew the Reply-stage and became its own thing. Nonetheless, grover’s fanpost is a must read because it’s excellent and serves as a primer for what you’re about to read here. I’ll quote the relevant points from the previous post so it ...

Salmasunday 52

Irenic offday.

Games 131-133, or Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season 70

Hey, he did play there a few years back: Series at Fenway are usually painful. At least this one will be quick with three games in just over 24 hours assuming they get both ends of tomorrow’s doubleheader in. This lineup faces the soft stylings of Tim Wakefield tonight: Weeks, Crisp, Matsui LF, Willingham DH, ...