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Que nos quiten lo bailao 286

Que nos quiten lo bailao
Just wanted to throw a change-up here. I’ve been interviewed for my company’s newsletter, because I run a photo contest at Keysight, where employees submit their photographs and monthly winners are crowned. They asked me about the contest, about my roots in photography and in the end I was asked to pick some of the ...

The Reason for the Season 285

As our gift to you, elcroata and I have created a crossword puzzle in honor of today’s holiday. Here is the Reason for the Season (FK edition). Enjoy! (There is also a version for a more general audience, with the same theme entries but less FK-specific fill and cluing, that we intend to submit for ...

DS Game 2: This seems familiar 114

So that game 1 sure was a disappointment. If only we had a recent example of our resiliency… While I am not in the immediate vicinity of Chavez Ravine, I can at least tell you in the south bay of LA it feels a bit cooler today. Hopefully that keeps at least some baseballs in ...

Games 151-154: This is a real Aces post! 64

I imagine these games will be lost to our memories forever as nothing more than the count down to Hudson/Zito. I will probably start watching as soon as the Grizzlies complete their destruction of Columbus and become the champs of AAA. (Shouldnt this mean we get promoted to MLB? To dream…) Camelot sure fell apart, ...

77: Royal Pain in the Ass 7

Just now, I think theirs is the better team. How godawful wretched is that? VOGT IS IN THE LINE-UP! Royals SS: Alcides Escobar 3B: Mike Moustakas CF: Lorenzo Cain 1B: Eric Hosmer DH: Kendrys Morales LF: Alex Gordon C: Salvador Perez RF: Alex Rios 2B: Omar Infante SP: Chris Young Athletics CF: Sam Fuld 3B: Brett Lawrie DH: Stephen Vogt LF: Ben Zobrist RF: Josh Reddick C: Josh Phegley 1B: Ike Davis ...

Game 20: Because we arent using that cursed one twice 98

I’m not letting that stink of a last game thread stick around here. We are again in progress, but at least this time we are scoreless. A’s vs this guy: Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

The stars come out in Minny: ASG Game thread 354

So they start the show with some intro like its a movie or something and they miss a chance to have all of the A’s walking together like Reservoir Dogs..Do I have to give them ALL the ideas? Thread it up FKers, we may not see this many A’s again for a while.

Franchises by their best WAR players 123

Over at the Readzone there is a fun little series in which the author ranks the franchises by their most successful players on every position. There are some little tweaks, like a fourth outfielder spot and a “utility” spot, but apart from that it is position players plus five starting pitchers plus the closer. Only ...

Game 70: if no one is here, is it a GT or a lounge? 110

So the FKup is in full force, and it is a beautiful Sat afternoon. AND we are facing Felix. Who is dumb enough to be sitting at home and taking one for the team? Me! Thats who.

We dont get fireworks, but we get a game thread. 112

So I believe there is a tailgate and Star Trek fireworks. But for us NRAFs and those too busy to make it out, lets talk.