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First, let me say I’m loving the flexibility here (and am seriously tempted to post this as someone else’s user name).� That said, I discovered that there are plugins developed for WordPress.� Here are some I think we should use: SHOW UNREAD COMMENTS (allcaps = install it or I’ll flag all your comments) Apparently allows ...

DLD 3/31/09 169

Stuff to read through while you delay writing your dissertation… Tigers release Gary Sheffield. When Sheffield arrived at the Tigers’ clubhouse Tuesday, he knew something was up. “People were looking at me funny,” he said. Teammates or staff? “Staff,” he said. That’s because teammates didn’t know yet that Sheffield was about to be released. When ...

Selugworth starts the logrolling for San Jose 13

Slusser breaks news The press release Marine Layer weighs in (and I endorse this sentiment): this is actually an official “let’s delineate all the ways Oakland no longer works” committee

DLD 3/30/09 Comments Hopefully in Correct Order Edition 58

Looks like the A’s won the big trade, with Holliday and others knocking Greg Smith around. I like Greg, but it seems like he could be in for some trouble in Colorado… From Slusser: Travis Buck made a trip to the emergency room Sunday morning because his left ear was plugged, and after a case ...


Um … why does this make me feel uncomfortable? He comes off almost as a dilettante who wants to move out of his old neighborhood but wants the new neighborhood to come to him.

Open features request thread/technical support bleg 120

What are the problems? What’s not working? What could be improved? And … who here can do anything about it? Remember, we’re all admins (though it seems as though wp’s “must be logged in to comment” applies to wp users, not registered KRAUThors), so … if there’s something you can fix/improve — go for it.

The Larry Davis line 15

So what’s the over/under for combined number of games played (for the A’s) in ’09 by Chavez, Ellis, Duke, Devine, Buck, and Holliday? I’m laying down a� typically pessimistic marker at … 250.

DLD 03/28/09: Is this thing on? 98

Post author: salb918 As long as we’ve got a new blog, we might as well get the action started. Vince Shlomi, of ShamWOW! fame, has been arrested on charges of felony aggravated battery: According to Shlomi, 44, on Feb. 7 he met a prostitute named Sasha Harris at a nightclub and pre-paid her $1,000 for ...

Welcome, A’s fans! 23

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