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A Grill, a Bowl, and Thou 346

I used to get excited to gamble on football. Now it just seems like so much work. I just don’t care about the other 31 teams, which kinda seems like a prerequisite. Someone does care about your fantasy team…so they can screw you. The only bet I’m really enthused about today is from the prop ...

Game 5: Opening up a Canha whupass 70

The A’s chance to go wire-to-wire at .500 or better this year is in the steady hands of Drew Pomeranz. When the music stopped in today’s clubhouse game of musical chairs Mark Canha was left standing in the 2 spot. They are joined by this cast of favorites: The Seattles counter with Willie Bloomquist and ...

How do we do this again? Game thread 1 Rangers at A’s 262

Well it’s opening day. Or Opening Day! depending on how you feel about it. When Jim Bouton shared this thought at the beginning of the 1969 season, he was on a team that few thought could win and he had big dreams. And that is the best part of today-Everyone can still dream. Everyone down ...

Game, 1-for-2, Picturesque 221

And "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Lounge the Lounge of the Just 151

This successful contemporary American human knows the score. Tom Hanks Actor, Writer, Producer, Director more from Tom Hanks » "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Game 47: This gamethread has no name 233

Cocowho Johnthat’smynametoo Joshsonofsomeone BrandonIveseenyousomewherebefore YoennisSaysWhatis JedwhousedtoplaylastSunday Josheverydayguy AlbertoOKyoumighthaveapointthere Ericglassesbitch SonnyIonlyhavethebestqualifyingERAintheleagueasshole       A soliloquy of fresh-sounding ideas which would probably be disastrous.

Tech Issues? Yes. Quitting? No. 112

All, Fresh tech thread based on the new interface. I’m working on the missing top-level avatar + reply link issue. I’m trying to put the keyboard shortcuts into the admin bar, but having bizarre issues with the scrolling function. Otherwise, please post issues below (again, if necessary). Hopefully we can restrict this thread to that ...

Game 54: A urinal trough by any other name would smell as sweet 703

No Vince Cotroneo tonight, so we won’t have to listen to him denigrate the achievement when Tommy Milone hits for the cycle. Crisp CF, Lowrie SS, Cespedes LF, Smith RF, Donaldson 3B, Jaso C, Moss 1B, Sogard 2B, Milone P

I Should Just Live At Costco Grill 3.12 597

An average Costco worker made about $45,000 in 2011 Incredibly they make 2k less than I do. FML. Bowie. That is all that needs to be said.

The New Grill 208

Brett Anderson gets the opening day nod. He’ll face Felix Hernandez, who will be making his 27th consecutive Opening Day start against the A’s. Anderson and Colon are each scheduled to go two innings today against the Cubs, at Hohokam Stadium, which becomes our spring home next year. Grill up!