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Nurdles! Wait. The Cardinals have an assistant hitting coach? Also from Slusser: Interest in Matsui among team officials has waned as the A’s continue to wait on a decision from MLB about their stadium situation So, we can now with more certainty say that Crywolffisher were throwing up a smokescreen to excuse their reduced spending ...

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1. ActingDwarves with Down syndrome needed for Scorcese film 2. Of course Ron Paul bats righty: 3. We gotta bring back the old-ftyle “s”.

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So, seriously, what the hell do you people expect?

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No links. Gitcher own. Just testing out the new IP.

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Raiders v Chiefs: I wonder what odds you could get that all three Raider QBs, Boller Palmer and Pryor, take at least one snap today? I bet they all do. Hue Jackson is crazy, baby. Rangers v Cardinals: Watch out Derek Holland! Nick Punto is 3 for 5 with an HR against you. Protestors v ...

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#Athletics announce Curt Young has returned as pitching coach after a one-year stint with Boston. — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) October 21, 2011 FSU/andeux/Ice Cream bait I want BaseballOakland to add us to their blogroll, just so that we can piss ’em off like we did Marine Layer. Those two recent posts work awfully hard to ...

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