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December Lounge: Winter in My Heart 363

November came and went. Here’s another Lounge.

October (Bernie On) 36

I was inspired after tonight’s game. This makes no assumptions; this is in celebration (heh) of how far this team has come and the thrilling season they’ve given us so far! I can’t get over, how the A’s are in games in October How they never believe that it’s over Never looking at yesterday ...

6월27일의 아침 그릴 (& Makeshift Game 76 Thread) 195

Apparently, there is an afternoon game happening today right around now. In the meantime, maybe we can sit down for a Korean barbecue-style grill until then. Why not? 1. Tell me, Sasha Frere-Jones, what do Canadian cardboard cut out pop star poster child for immigration reform Justin Bieber and Japanese noise artist Merzbow have in ...

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DLD 3/31/09 169

Stuff to read through while you delay writing your dissertation… Tigers release Gary Sheffield. When Sheffield arrived at the Tigers’ clubhouse Tuesday, he knew something was up. “People were looking at me funny,” he said. Teammates or staff? “Staff,” he said. That’s because teammates didn’t know yet that Sheffield was about to be released. When ...