ST GT #2: It’s always Sonny in Dr. Andrews’ office 405

With under three weeks left in Arizona, the A’s remain hot on the heels of the league-leading Angels in the chase for the Cactus League championship. Tonight’s game in Surprise is available on MLB.tv (Royals telecast). It’s highlighted by Mark Canha’s annual March appearance as a starting center fielder. It’s a good chance to preview ...

The “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” Grill 401

But I slept right through it here in Elk Grove. Woke up early for unrelated reasons and it took social media to alert me to it. American Canyon quake How many of you felt it? Largest in the region since 1989.

Dead Blog Grill 171

The blog isn’t dead, he’s just resting. 1. Slusspeculation that Colon will seek a one-year contract similar to the one Hiroki Kuroda signed with the Yankees last winter ($15 million). andeuxpeculation: Per our previous discussions, that’s probably too rich for the A’s blood, but not high enough that they can feel safe making a qualifying ...

Healthy Life Grill 482

There are many theories about how to live a healthy life. Some still believe there is a fountain of youth in Florida, though even some who are reported to have seen it deny having been there. Others say you should eat more Kaleâ„¢. A recent study says that gay men are less stressed, but someone ...

Favorite Simple Dish Lounge 172

For lunch I had pasta where I made matchsticks and fried off some rashers of bacon till crispy, then threw in tomatoes and capers until soft and saucy.  Toss the pasta in the bacon grease/tomato and caper juice sauce and serve.  Takes 10 total minutes. It made me think about MikeV talking about easy recipes ...

FKup: Mission Chinese tonight? 45

Not sure what time exactly, but contemplating taking clan Moonkeyball to Mission Chinese some time after 6:30 tonight. Anyone care to join us?

Grilled strata 198

Breakfast strata: leftover Acme olive bread, milk, eggs, sauteed cabbage, S&P, olive oil, romano cheese. Pic before popping in the oven: Would go well with some links on the side. Anyone got some?

Sauerkraut jus? Sauerkraut jus. 13

State Bird Provisions sounds like an entertaining meal. I’m having a hard time imagining how this translates to the palate, though: Chinese-inspired duck-neck dumplings ($6), browned and looking like potstickers; the waiters pour on a sauerkraut jus tableside Desserts there strike me as … fanciful. I’d probably hop the 38 inbound toward home, for: beignets ...

I love the smell of yeast and melted butter in the morning 76

English muffin batter proofing. Used Alton Brown’s recipe, but subbed in 100% whole wheat (King Arthur) and added a tablespoon of flax meal. Man, (WARNING: OSTLER LINK) Baer is this close to stepping on my Lew-should-build-a-500-seat-stadium-in-Hillsborough gag. Surprised Ostler didn’t go for the “Caramelized” joke.

Crooks and nannies 219

Anyone with a good recipe and/or advice for making homemade English muffins? This lady recommends Alton Brown’s recipe, adding baking soda. I’m usually a fan of King Arthur recipes, but this one seems a bit off (and this one will need to wait til I have starter ready).