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Time to play “Stick the pitchfork in the Angel” 177

Scioscia’s bullpen is a toxic dump. Beat the bullpen once and split the other two is a good formula for a road series win. Same Bat Time of 7 p.m., same Bat Channel for all three. Tuesday: Hahn vs. JC Ramirez Wednesday: Manaea vs. Matt Shoemaker Thursday: Graveman vs. Ricky Nolasco

Remaining Schedules 84

There’s been some consternation by many (including me, in my head), about the Rangers’ easier remaining schedule. Excluding head to head, Tx has: 10 vs. Ana 10 vs. Hou 6 vs. Sea 4 vs. TB 3 vs. KC 3 vs. Min. 3 vs. CHW 3 vs. Pit 2 vs. Mil The aggregate winning percentage of ...

Approximate Anniversary Post Featuring America’s Second Greatest Hero 34

We’ve hit a single so far. Wherein The Joker plays softball. The awesomeness of this show cannot be overstated.

When we growed up it woulder been a mans’ club: The Grill 020510 82

I for one did not realize that Hank Steinbrenner is a member of the cast of Mad Men: Speaking of trim cuts, you know, off the top of Boehner’s head would be a good place for Ryan’s plan to start Why in the world would Barney Frank have a problem with a guy named John ...

041209 game thread: silence, all ye naysayers! 49