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iFSU, it’s not FKing over you 131

NEEDS MOAR CREATIVITY, TONY announcement is expected today. may couch it as mutual decision. but francona will be out. #redsox — Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) September 30, 2011 Theo -> Cubs? Git ‘r done, Billy DePo Farhan 1 2 10 11 13 17 25 29 I wonder if the Bush-violated-the-Constitution crowd will decry the killing of ...

I’m not FKing Over It. 293

The only thing cooler than last night (other than A’s success):

WinExp 44

Papelbon was -.799 Dan Johnson, in one PA, was +.490. At basically the same time: The Sox were up 3-2 in the ninth, with nobody on base for Baltimore, and needed just one out to wrap things up. Their WinExp was 95.3%. The Rays were tied in the top of the 12th, the Yanks had ...

Today’s second-most-meaningless game in MLB 84

Yep. #Athletics at #Mariners: Crisp cf, Taylor lf, Weeks 2b, Willingham DH, Sizemore 3b, Carter 1b, Miller rf, Powell c, Rosales ss — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) September 28, 2011

The Card’s Wild: a Barry-Enright Production 246

Breaking Bad, Se4, Ep11 – Crawl Space 42

Understand the messages from your monkey 66

Sources: #RedSox still discussing whether to get starting pitcher for potential tie-breaker. Among targets: Royals LHP Bruce Chen. #MLB — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) September 28, 2011 Bruce Chen? No. Barry Zito to #RedSox today makes so much more sense. Did you see how sharp his curve was last night? #agirlcandream — Wendy Thurm (@hangingsliders) September ...

Where’s my Ka’aihue? Where’s my Ka’aihue? 41

#Athletics at #Mariners: Weeks 2b, Crisp cf, Matsui lf, Willingham dh, DeJesus rf, Sizemore 3b, Suzuki c, Allen 1b, Sogard ss — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) September 27, 2011

An auspicious start to the evening 71

Sox already losing 1-0, Rays up 2-0

That creeping realization that what you do has virtually no value to whoever it is you work for 106

Mick Jagger as Ruper Murdoch manque? Sure, I’ll buy that. Birthing bad Tony Baloney should be in FKin jail I thought “Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy” was pretty good, but this is better. Also, Ents (Charlie Pierce is great). Ice Cream DEMORATS BOOED JEEZUS!!1! This whole McCourt thing really has the potential to get UG-LEE Nice Ostler ...