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Winter Baseball Sadness Grill 285

Marcus Semien to Jays — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) January 26, 2021

Que nos quiten lo bailao 286

Que nos quiten lo bailao
Just wanted to throw a change-up here. I’ve been interviewed for my company’s newsletter, because I run a photo contest at Keysight, where employees submit their photographs and monthly winners are crowned. They asked me about the contest, about my roots in photography and in the end I was asked to pick some of the ...

The Reason for the Treason 367

Thank you for joining us for a recap of the exciting first day of America’s Coup, brought to you by Camp Auschwitz Fan Club – “You’re special and we love you!” Schande pic.twitter.com/HwIgu3Pnuj — Ahmad Mansour (@AhmadMansour__) January 7, 2021 (In case you are not familiar with it, 6MWE stands for a Holocaust reference – ...

America’s Coup Live 236

Susan Collins is concerned Because survival is insufficient