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So you want to be Ascertained? 347

Reality is the new fiction, they say. College basketball starts tomorrow and promises to test my resolve. It was easy to eschew college football, because I never cared that much and knew that UNC was sure to disappoint (unlike Cincinnati!). So it was easy to proclaim college football as a monstrous affront to public safety ...

Transition to Grilling 328

A leader who everyone knows is on his way out, but is still in charge for some reason? That’s the A’s front office for you! Drop some links off, if you would. Bonus points if they are announcements of the acquisition of a middle infielder, a top reliever, or an environmental impact report.

The most important election, until the next one 355

I figure this will not only pile up quite a few comments but also extend at least through late Wednesday, so we might as well have a dedicated November 3-4, 2020 thread. I’m approaching it like I approach the A’s postseason, hoping for the best but deep in my heart knowing crushing defeat is close ...