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The Lounge where I will wait for you. 507

Hello there…here’s a new lounge for us to solve all the world’s problems such as global warming, the latest fiscal crisis in Washington and Dennis Rodman’s invasion of North Korea. Lounge away if you wish.

The New Grill 208

Brett Anderson gets the opening day nod. He’ll face Felix Hernandez, who will be making his 27th consecutive Opening Day start against the A’s. Anderson and Colon are each scheduled to go two innings today against the Cubs, at Hohokam Stadium, which becomes our spring home next year. Grill up!

The Lounge where you can wear my hat. 343

Have the Oscars ended yet? I haven’t seen that much singing and dancing since going to acting camp as a twelve year old…the difference being we were entertaining.  As always if you post in this lounge a Los Angeles  Angel of Newark/Topeka will lose his wings…

Workday (week) Game Thread(s), because why not? 67

Here's today's #Athletics lineup for the first game at Phoenix Municipal. pic.twitter.com/6Ypqh52BHu — Casey Pratt (@CaseyPrattCSN) February 25, 2013 2/26/13 Retweeted yesterday by mistake. Today: Sogard 3B, Nakajima SS, Reddick RF, Moss 1B, D-son 3B, Smith LF, Sizemore 2B, Norris C, Choice CF. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) February 26, 2013

So ya went and married Norm Sundaymagundi, son? 625

It’s an Oscar Game and Grill Day thread for a daylong cavalcade of fun! Starting with an A’s game! Boy howdy! Game actually starts at 12:05 PST, but the MLB Network telecast (w00t!) starts an hour later at 1:00. There’s no such thing as spoiling a spring training game…if you tell me when a Travis ...

Saturday Night’s Alright for Loungin’ 383

I think the first day of Spring Training games calls for Elton John?  Why?  Why not?  So what’s on your mind tonight?  I’m sleepy as hell, personally.  Should we talk about that?

Spring Training Game Thread #1 388

Weeks 2B, Nakajima SS, Reddick RF, Moss 1B, Smith LF, Young CF, Jaso C, Donaldson 3B, Sizemore DH Per Slusser’s Twitter.  Can’t seem to get the actual Tweet to embed, sorry.

The Lounge where the people all said sit down. 492

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the lounge, where low key talk is done in high definition. So come on in and make all your champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true.

Original Gravity Grill 415

Sorry physicists. Shut down your supercolliders, turn off your telescopes, and reprogram your supercomputers. José Canseco has a new theory that makes all your old theories obsolete. The paradigm has shifted, FKers.

The Lounge where we move on to the next thing. 318

I’ve always had one goal in life, to live as interesting a life as I could…(a lot of money and at least one hole in one would be nice too.) So this lounge is dedicated to the next chapter in all our lives and whatever adventures await us…or it’ll just be the same old jokes ...