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FK Day III: Gestalt on Asphalt. June 15. High Noon. 136

As Will Rogers might have said, if he was a snarky basement-dwelling internet kid and A’s fan: I never meta FKup I didn’t like. And he woulda been right, too. A slab of meat, a jug of beer, and thou. This is what separates us from the lower order species like Angels fans, who are ...

Offseason Boredom Set In? 227

Need something to occupy your time? Need gift ideas for your loved ones? Hey, how’s about putting fermented cabbage under the tree this year?!

KOTD: The gateway fermented food 30

A look at the neo-hippy-dippy Portland Kraut Collective. Of course The Man killed the print version — we all know what happens when the proletariat seizes the means of kraut production … yeah, we end up with signs of a libertine society in decline like this: At first there’s talk of separating nightshades (tomatoes, chiles, ...