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104: A primitive semi-perfect number 21

They started early. And now we Canhaz baserunners. Bottom of the third. 0-0. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

The Game Thread Where There’s Only One Thing Left To Do 62

Game 103 of the 2015 Season for your Oakland Athletics.   The Tribe will start Carlos Carrasco who sports a 10-8 record with 4.26 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP The A’s will send Chris Bassitt to the mound. He’s 0-3 with a 2.94 ERA to go along with a 1.13 WHIP Lineups Cleveland Kipnis, Lindor, ...

Game 1-0-2, of Mr Chavez and his Ravine Lunatics 123

Burns, Davis, Reddick, Vogt, Lawrie, Sogard, Semien, Fuld, Chavez.  The National League is dumb.

The Lounge Where The Kraut Is Still Free 443

Hey there, hi there, ho there. This is what all the cool kids in class like to call a lounge. What you do in one  of these lounges is post written words and or sentences on the internet for others to read. I think it has a future…unlike me. Lounge em’ if you got em’

Game 101: I Know What Will Cheer You Up 190

This: All bunts, all night, boys. Let’s go.

Not One Iota Grill 154

Not One Iota Grill
It’s been a week of ups and downs. On the plus side, the longest term resident at BACS just got adopted.  She has maybe my favorite ears ever. Then again, this guy is an asshole.  And the people are blowing up his Yelp page.  Keep deleting, Yelp.  If you put in some overtime you just ...

100 sports color schemes, ranked 28

1. Green and Gold 2. Silver and Black 3. Carolina Blue … 100. Orange and Black Burns, CF (speedy!) Vogt, C (amusing!) Zobrist, LF (versatile!) Reddick, RF (cannon!) Davis, 1B (glove-y!) Lawrie, 3B (incomprehensible!) Sogard, 2B (nerdy!) Semien, SS (sagh!) Graveman, P (useful!) At the flea market of late July we put our wares on ...

Game 99 its like we’ve already lost 5

Quality tease, though. Zobrist had a good game I have $5. No I don\'t.

Game 98: The Gnats, FK ’em 57

Burns – CF IBISV – C Zobrist – 2B (unless he gets traded before 7:00) Butler – 1B Wait, what? Schlong – RF Not Donaldson – 3B Sogard – SS Fuld – LF JCS – P Is Melvin trying to lose this game?

Game 97: Meanwhile, back at the Coliseum 36

Joined in progress, or maybe regress, with Pomeranz pitching in place of the dear departed and down 2-0 in the second.