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ABrandon all hope, ye who enter here 192

Yes, Texas is fucking hot.

Eight crazy nights 21

Well, some of them were day games. The A’s have gone 3-5 in their last eight games, with a pythagorean record of 3.9-4.1. The A’s have scored 30 runs while their opponents have scored 31. But they weren’t alternating blowouts; the average margin of victory for the winning team in these games has been 1.1 ...

06/29/12 Lounge: Can you feel the love tonight? 87

Lounge it up.

Texas(s) is (still) too FKing hot: Game 78 215

A’s versus Fascists, part two. Let’s hope this doesn’t go on forever like last night. #Athletics @ #Rangers: Crisp CF, Weeks 2B, Cespedes LF, Gomes RF, Inge 3B, Norris DH, Carter 1B, Hicks SS, Suzuki C — Jane Lee (@JaneMLB) June 29, 2012

6/29 Grill. Get on the bus. 116

1. Along with that other ruling yesterday, the Supreme Court also said we can be heroes. 2. There is a certain fish-in-a-barrel aspect to writing about John Rocker, but David Roth blows that fish away: Rocker, in short, is wise enough to see that his time in baseball is not the story it appears to ...

Game 77: Texas is too FKing hot 316

Weather in Arlington. Lineup:  

6/27/12 Lounge: Killing time 173

I have one more day of school left. I’m working on homework. I accidentally took a 6 hour nap this afternoon. Entertain me. Enlighten me. EDIT: Thank you to everyone here for all the kind words throughout this first part of my nursing experience. It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it. You ...

6월27일의 아침 그릴 (& Makeshift Game 76 Thread) 195

Apparently, there is an afternoon game happening today right around now. In the meantime, maybe we can sit down for a Korean barbecue-style grill until then. Why not? 1. Tell me, Sasha Frere-Jones, what do Canadian cardboard cut out pop star poster child for immigration reform Justin Bieber and Japanese noise artist Merzbow have in ...

Game 75, A’s @ Seattle 143

Cespedes plays the outfield tonight, so cross your fingers. Coco sits, as do Suzuki and Moss. Weeks 4, Hicks 3, Reddick 9, Cespedes 8, Inge 5, Smith 7, Gomes DH, Norris 2, Pennington 6. It’s a battle of lefties, Blackley vs. Vargas.

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