Game 70: if no one is here, is it a GT or a lounge? 110

So the FKup is in full force, and it is a beautiful Sat afternoon. AND we are facing Felix. Who is dumb enough to be sitting at home and taking one for the team? Me! Thats who.

It’s March. Let’s lounge. 607

One more month until opening day. Add your own comments.

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What Do Danny Haren, Seth Smith And Jarrod Parker Have IN Common? 38

Answer:  The first time that I saw each of these players I said, “Man, I wish the A’s had a guy like that” The first time I saw Danny Haren pitch it was apparent that he had better “stuff” and a better make-up than any of our starting pitchers at the time. That winter he ...


Mayhap I’m late to the party, but holy FK but does CSNBA’s new site design suck. I sure hope for Ratto’s sake (and for Urban’s, FTM; decent Moneyball piece here [that backtracks everything Urban ever actually said about it during the time he was a beat writer]) that he’s getting paid an assload of money, ...

Inside the writer’s studio: Ray Ratto 25

FK: no more REM 36

I know there’s not more than handful of you who give a FK about this, but I think I’m going to spend the day nursing an incommensurate sense of loss.

It’s Thursday in Japan 57

All negative vibes are suspended until further notice (unless they can be appropriately and safely directed toward the Red Sox only)!

Mad Slubs 3

Fill in the blank: When Geren first told us Bailey was sock-throwing, I assumed he was __________

RIP Manute Bol 4

Humanitarian. Influential coiner of phrases. Warrior. A big man both physically and mentally.