June ← 2016 ← FREE KRAUT!

Giant week. 166

Not going to lie. it would be better to win all week I have $5. No I don\'t.

57 – 27 semaG: slegnA @ s’A 194

Game 1 already 3-0 after a Semien with two men on. Which means: ZOMG WHUTS WRONG WIT TIMMEH!!!??!???!?!

The Plaintiff’s next in order: Milwaukee at home 37

crisp, lowrie, vogt, valencia, davis, butler, alanso, semien, muncy for sonny gray v some dude named nelson. Wednesday afternoon the marquee match TBD v TBD not to be missed

FNF 10.67: I must be in the Front Row 102

Look for my green and gold shoes dangling above the swells in the Diamond Level. 6:35 start time tonight due to fireworks. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Game 100 to go: Rangers vs. A’s 167

You have to be a diehard A’s fan, or really hate the NBA, to tune in to tonight’s outdoor event in Oakland. Since I qualify under both counts, I’ll host this one. Crisp CF, Semien SS, Valencia 3B, Davis LF, Butler DH, Phegley C, Smolinski RF, Alonso 1B, Ladendorf 2B. Manaea P. That was a ...

FNF 9.60: Down goes Denton! 91

Um, so to speak. Meanwhile, in the other Queen City, our once-again Ace Sonny looks to regain his mojo. Also, go Warriors tonight, horses tomorrow, and Sharks Sunday. And also USA, USA on Saturday if you’re into that kind of thing. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get ...

Draft Day, or There’s Always 2020 68

As always I’ll be tracking the draft today so I’ll share info with you all. Today is just the first 77 picks (Rounds 1-2, Competitive Balance rounds, and supplemental picks) with the balance on Friday and Saturday. The A’s pick today at #6 and again at #37. Coverage starts at 3pm(pacific) with the first pick ...

Games 58 & 59: A’s take on Milwaukee’s Beast 118

Beer is good, and stuff.

FNF 8.55: Morabito Mystery Tour 135

Tonight the A’s begin their traditional annual road swing through Houston, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. I like to believe that Mickey Morabito, in addition to booking air travel and hotels, is responsible for team junkets on the days off. The waterpark for sure. And a trip to the American Sign Museum followed by Cincinnati-style chili on ...

Summer Soccer Spectacular 424

Seems appropriate to have a dedicated soccer thread for Soaker to ignore, what what with the Copa America starting tonight and the Euro Championships next week. The Copa America, for the uninitiated, is a quadrennial tournament to decide the champion of South America. This year they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the tourney by ...