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You know — for (b)eds 810

Experience a better package 106

Yesterday’s snack: kraut mix sprouts and wheat grass juice courtesy of Brooks and Daughters (yep, Jim’s a Sharks fan surprised he wasn’t sporting orange and black for the photo, though), juice container courtesy of F-K.com. We’re buying sprouts and “green juice” (as JP calls it — he loves it!) every Saturday around 10 at the ...

Jimmy’s on drugs again 615

Photos: A’s Fanfest 61

So I’m back from Fanfest and the amazing tailgate afterward. All the photos, if you don’t feel like clicking through, are right here.

Drunk monkeys throwing at a dartboard 420

Um … no, that’s not standard practice that I’ve heard of. Pretty sure the FDA would sue my ass for even suggesting it. I’d rather see the A’s give Wakefield a NR deal than Manny Uh … Melvin knows Cowgill from the Arizona organization and he compares him to Eric Byrnes for his all-out style ...

The Lounge where you get invited to Lady Jesa’s Super Bowl Party. 486

Here’s a new lounge to talk about life, love and the infield fly rule.

FK ma gundi up 74

Open thread for photos and reports from FKfest. Anyone getting in to Grill groverbate FKup Lew? Is it science or is it bullshit? You make the call!

Loungy: fking taxes (actually they’re awesome) 942

So I figured we need a new lounge.  Here you Fkers go. I just finished my taxes:  I know right… Im so on it this year! Things that I noticed My Alimony Received section of the form is very very light as is my Wistleblower Costs deduction.  I endeavor to improve this in the future. ...

Mad Libs 27

1. lower case grover is mad* 2. Capital Grover is crazy 3. Comeback kid 4. EC gets more exposure 5. Sorry if any of this has been posted, I have been working for a few days straight. I just marked all comments as read. That’s how important you people are to me.

Notes on the 2012 A’s schedule 95

With tickets going on sale tomorrow I took a closer look at the 2012 menu last night. A few thoughts: I like the Friday Night Home Opener, again. They did this last year for the first time, and the parking lot vibe beforehand was one of the greatest I’ve experienced. Very much the proverbial “festival ...