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Don’t Start a Ri-ot: Grillin, Is what I got 232

The last grill was so full of Revy goodness that it seems like we need to get some fresh links up in here.

FK Day III: Gestalt on Asphalt. June 15. High Noon. 136

As Will Rogers might have said, if he was a snarky basement-dwelling internet kid and A’s fan: I never meta FKup I didn’t like. And he woulda been right, too. A slab of meat, a jug of beer, and thou. This is what separates us from the lower order species like Angels fans, who are ...

4/19/10 What Do I name the new Grill? I know! Atomic Hot! 134

1. Here in the Bay Area SW Florida, we all live in fear of crazy Evan. Hat sales have plummeted in the area as he will track you down and hurt you, especially if you wear the same hat size as him. If you’re reading this outside the greater SW Florida area, please send help. ...

Grilled Hot Links with the Peppers and the Onions 1/6/10 288

No poo discussions.  Promise.