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Post-Industrial Malaise Series Game 3 AND 4: Oaktown at Dee-Troit 72

Manager’s Decision: Braden will start. Detroit’s Decision: Willis will start no more. mikeA’s Decision: 95°, partly cloudy. If it’s any consolation, though, it’s 74° and sunny here, so you’d be miserable anyway. I’m going to the pool. Ed note: due to laziness, this post counts for two games.

Game 50: A’s/Tigers 38

versus Man attempts to tame nature; 2-0 in the eighth. Also: Texas has already lost, so the A’s can regain first place with a win tonight. Also also: Kendry Morales injured in dog pile at home plate after hitting walk-off grand slam against Mariners. It’s okay to laugh. I think it’s funny, too. Video here. ...

Post-Industrial Malaise Series Game 1: Oakland at Detroit 49

And who better to start than Oakland-born, Detroit-paid Dontrelle Willis, the very embodiment of decline.

Ceci n’est pas une Grill 54

1. Showdown at the MLB corral with Cowboy Joe West: Mercifully, Major League Baseball has tired of his antics. A source said the league plans to suspend or fine West, one of its most tenured umpires, after he solicited reporters this week to talk about the controversy he created in April when he called the ...

Game Thread: The A’s and O’s are Playing Base-Ball Again 73


All you lazy FKers 22

Geez, what–I can’t even take a vacation day around here? Ostler’s a lazy non-FKer, so we get Slumbeat updates: A. Arnold Leon had TJ surgery yesterday B. Michael Taylor might be back in Sacto lineup tomorrow Saturday C. Ynoa threw 20 pitches in extended ST D. Weeks weeks away E. Doolittle doing little F. Slusser ...

Game 47: A’s-O’s 19

Trevor Cahill (2-2, 3.68) vs. Brian Matusz (2-4, 5.26) Davis CF, Barton 1B, Suzuki C, Kz 3B, Sweeney RF, Rosales LF, Fox DH, Ellis 2B, Pennington SS I was impressed by Matusz in his earlier start against Oakland, when he struck out 8 and walked only 1 (though he did eventually allow three runs). Apparently ...

Poppycock 59

Gotta love Macha Who saw that coming? Crisp likely to DL. Sadly, there’s no cure for Ostler. No, really: Ostler sucks. Shea isn’t any good, either — though at least he’s to-the-point and non-cutesy. Very excited for this Nightmarish aquatic clown Glurpo, Bubblio, and Scrubblio Speaking of nightmarish clowns … That was your last link ...

Game 46: A’s vs Orioles 54

Pennington SS, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Suzuki C, Cust DH, Kzmnff 3B, Gross CF, Ellis 2B, Patterson LF Braden vs Guthrie

The Grill about, y’know, baseball 84

Oswalt to Slegna? Not sure what I’d think about that. Do they even have the prospects to do that deal? (Granted, it’s Drayton McLane, but still.) Interesting question–I mean, they can’t not re-sign him, right? But when I think of Lima, I always think of … Oh, c’mon, Rob: Speaking of big busts … Vizquel ...