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October (Bernie On) 36

I was inspired after tonight’s game. This makes no assumptions; this is in celebration (heh) of how far this team has come and the thrilling season they’ve given us so far! I can’t get over, how the A’s are in games in October How they never believe that it’s over Never looking at yesterday ...

The Lounge where the end is near. 475

The A’s are looking like a pretty good bet to make the playoffs, the Giants are already in. The 49ers laid the smackdown on the Jets and the Raiders…well, the Raiders have really cool uniforms. Lounge away if you like…

Game -4: Accidents Never Happen 339

Like the Magi on the hill I can divinate your presence from afar And I’ll follow you until I can bring you to a perfect world Crisp Drew Cespedes Moss Reddick Donaldson Smith Kottaras Pennington. Tomaso Miloné.

The Grill Where Everyone Knows Your Name 164

We’ve been winning lately when we throw up a grill before game time.  I want the winz, so let’s grill some links. For fans of Cheers, this is a great oral history of the entire series.  Turns out Sideshow Bob is nothing like Frasier and more like our Bloomy.  And Kristy Alley, while insanely crazy, ...

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Dan.Straily. 114

MaEl to be denied….AGAIN. brandon

Game -6 for FSU 391

This is the start of our winning streak.

FSU say Grillax 151

Oh yes indeed it’s fun time, fun time! I am prepared to enjoy every bit of the ecstasy and to absorb any bits of the agony we encounter between now and Wednesday. We’re in a playoff push virtually no one though possible, and not just in it, but well positioned. Everyone should be thrilled and ...

9/27/12 Lounge: A little lounge before Bed 374