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Games 132-134: Earth Angels 155

I can’t believe I’m the one who had to make this thread.

August preparation for September expansion leading to a lonely October and a tranquil November; 20

Or how I learned to appreciate the power of a whisper by sitting amongst the silence of the Hill Progress comes with pain. Although not all pain leads to progress; sometimes pain is simply the product of destructive forces rendering themselves upon the flesh and soul of the unfortunate. Pain can be the result of ...

Games 129-131: Into the land of haboobs 114

A lovely late August weekend in Phoenix finds the Bob Melvins duking it out with the Chip Hales in a three-game series at Chase Field. It’s your final opportunity of the season to watch the A’s play some exciting National League rules ball. Friday at 6:40: Sonny Gray vs. Chase Anderson. Saturday at 5:10: Felix ...

Games in the 120s Mariners the rise of Wash 106

A-one, and a-two, and a-three thru five. 87

A’s trot out an all-righty lineup to face Rays lefty Guy Smiley, seen here: 1. Billy Burns (S) CF 2. Mark Canha (R) 1B 3. Danny Valencia (R) 3B 4. Josh Phegley (R) C 5. Jake Smolinski (R) RF 6. Brett Lawrie (R) 2B 7. Billy Butler (R) DH 8. Coco Crisp (S) LF 9. ...

Games 121 & 122: We’re All Dodgin’ Our Way Through This World 59

A fine old song, if you don’t know it:   I hope all FKers who desired a bobblehead received one.  The lines are reportedly long.   US: Burns, Fuld, Valencia, Phegley, Canha, Butler, Reddick, Semien, Sogard.   Doubront. (Or Doubrant. There is some controversy on Twitter.) THEM: Rollins, Hernandez, Turner, Gonzalez, Van Slyke, Puig, Guerrero, Ellis, ...

We used to grill links around here 263

PTBNL Bait: Fast Sour Beer. Grilling link: Fish Tacos! DFWAS: Donald. Trump. DFWAS: Clinton Rules.

Games 117-120: for the birds (still) 133

A’s and Orioles, at Camden Yards. It’s the rare four-game series that ends on a Monday, and the finale is a night game with travel cross-country to follow with a home game the next night on top of that. If the A’s were actually in the playoff hunt, that might be worth being annoyed with.

Games 114-116: A’s @ Jays 96

I’d like to propose that we try doing Series Threads rather than Game Threads. An acknowledgement of where the A’s are in the standings as well as the ole blog’s relationship to critical mass. It seems like people will comment during a game once a thread is posted, but there’s a little trepidation about getting ...

Game 113: Still Paying a Little Attention to the Games 45

So the A’s face the Astros, trying for a series win. Go figure. Burns – CF, Crisp – LF, Reddick – RF, Valencia – 3B, Vogt – DH, Lawrie – 2B, Davis – 1B, Phegley – C, Semien, SS Bassitt is pitching. I don’t have any entertaining pre-game banter. I’ve been watching a lot of ...