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Gamethreadax: 3 … 36

A’s @ M’s. Gio vs Fister. Davis cf, Barton 1b, Ellis 2b, Cust dh, Suzuki c, Kouzmanoff 3b, Hermida rf, Carter lf, Pennington ss

Grillax 113

1. Stiglich (and Lieppman) on some of our prospects. 2. Ned Yost on intentional walks: “Last night, we walked [Miguel Cabrera] twice, and he scored twice. He is so darned good that it doesn’t make any sense to let him beat you.” He’s so good that he even scored after the intentional walk. Just think ...

Does MLB consider contracted player salaries as team debt? 9

This is an … odd post from Marine Layer, and I think it deserves its own dedicated discussion thread here. ML duplicates some (but not all) of grover’s recent work in profiling the A’s salary situation for 2011-2012. He makes a couple idiosyncratic assumptions (um … what “slugger” available this offseason will sign with Oakland ...

Game thread, bitches 45

It’s a game against the Angels.

FK values 92

This whole thing strikes me as incredibly stupid — as one of the commenters points out, the “Canseco milkshake” was more than likely just one of those high-calorie/high-protein thingumabobs. The Rickey argument — especially assuming an ordinary milkshake — makes sense. Not sure why Sandberg gets cred/suspicion for his anti-steroidism, when IIRC Rickey was always ...

The FKArthur Genius Awards 136

David Simon: The Wire of MacArthur geniuses I’m hereby announcing that we are now accepting nominations for the first annual FKArthur Genius Awards. Every FKer may nominate as many geniuses as she or he deems fit. We will accept nominations until we have enough nominees, and then we’ll decide who wins. It could be one, ...

Science Monday 146

1. These energy flowcharts are really cool. Example: (click to make it bigger) This really helps you visualize where our energy comes from and where it goes. For example, the vast majority of petroleum is used for transportation whereas coal is used almost exclusively for electricity generation. Alternative energies (solar, wind, hydro, wind, geothermal) are ...

Weekend salmagundi: Done by accident with an incredibly low probability of success 79

Humans are dense objects. TONIGHT: A’s vs Rangers, 7:05 PT, Cramer vs Hunter SATURDAY: A’s vs Rangers, 1:05 PT, Gio vs Holland SUNDAY: A’s vs Rangers, 1:05 PT, TBD (really?) vs Lewis Who’s going this weekend? I may be there Sunday …

I pay, you profit 15’s Melissa Lockard just wrapped up an interview with A’s Director of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of what was discussed behind the veil of subscriber content.

Not on his mound 19

Well, certainly not tonight, anyway. Hopefully not tomorrow, or any time this weekend. Highly unpleasant watching other teams clinch on your sod. A’s vs Rangers g1: Braden vs Lee. [late changes to lineup, courtesy of Soaker] Crisp Rickey Barton Rickey Ellis Rickey Zk Rickey Kz Rickey Cust Carter Carson Rickey Tolleson Rickey