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154-5-6-7-8-9: Don’t Judge until you’ve snapped a 21-year anal bead drought 67

The A’s are in Anaheim but the real news is in: * Toronto, where Aaron Judge sits restlessly on 60 homers, forcing Roger Maris Jr to leep attending baseball games; and * The chess-o-sphere, where fiery Grandmaster beef just keeps getting hotter. Kape A.Mart and Swervin vs Sandoval (not the fat one) Lorenzen (not the ...

The A’smazings 151-153 38

Bassist and Scherzer and deGrom. Should be fun,

148-150: From SEA to shining sea 41

The A’s actually play some important games this week…important to the Mariners, Rays, Jays, Mets and Braves. The Mariners’ remaining schedule is ridiculously soft. They ought to be able to cruise into the #1 AL Wild Card spot and host either the Jays or Rays, but if anybody can screw this up it might be ...

Deep in the Heart of Awful, 142-147 115

Ads on the pitchers mound are bad enough. Proselytizing is worse. He Gets Us to hate everyone different than us. Fucking this Taliban state with a splintery stick. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

138-141 White and Yellow Shoes. Not seeing Socks 31

JP is not Towering over the southsiders Dylan Cease is warming up in the bullpen in the 2nd, the disrespect.

Games 136 and 137: Hotlanta, bringing the heat 68

The defending World Series Champions come to Oakland for a quickie one-night stand. Atlanta is only one game behind the Mets for the NL East lead; the winner there almost certainly gets the second bye in the National League. The Mets get their shot at the A’s on September 23-25. Tonight at 6:40: Irvin vs. ...