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The Lounge Where We Look for Something to Believe In. 433

So I have been thinking about twitter account to post some bed thoughts. Mostly to see what would happen. I don’t know what to do about it. like what would be a good handle, should the profile link back here etc. I have $5. No I don\'t.

FML Donaldson to TOR 353

Josh Donaldson is going to Torronto according to Ken Rosenthal (Linky links). Infielder Brett Lawrie, righty Kendall Graveman, and shortstop Franklin Barreto are part of the package going back. Prospect Sean Nolin is also in the deal (Jeff Passan) In play, run(s)! Talk dirty to me gamecast, talk dirty. - Nevermoor

The Lounge where we’re all thankful for something 283

Merry Thanksgiving Day of July. Here’s a new lounge to get us through Holiday Wars Episode I: The Phantom Turkey.

The Lounge that makes mb roll over in his, uh, bed 309

We have a few football games coming up, and they usually generate lounge comments, so it’s time for a new one for that and other loungey stuff. Chiefs at Raiders tonight at the Coliseum. The Big Game, Saturday at 1 p.m. in Berkeley. (Hell, The Game, Saturday morning our time at Harvard Stadium. ESPN’s Game ...

’14 Offseason Hot Stove Grill 492

notable so far: Mike Giancarlo Stanton extension finalized with Miami. 13 years, $325 Million. NTC plus an opt-out after he turns 30. Russ Martin to Toronto – 5 years, 82M, no trade clause. and, um, the Braves did this. Blockbuster trade: Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden from Braves to Cardinals for pitchers Shelby Miller and ...

Johnny shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. I signed Scherzer in an offseason sim league to make the other GMs cry. 26

The offseason is here and the Hot Stove is cooking. I took part in SB Nation’s annual Offseason Sim League as the new GM for the Oakland A’s. DFA agreed to help me and I set about to tear down the roster. Plan A was to trade Donaldson, Shark and Kazmir for young talent. Plan ...

The Lounge where everybody loves a happy ending. 347

Hey there, hi there, ho there…it’s your Uncle Bed here saying come on in and lounge away.

Plan B is to win the whole FKing thing 64

As some of you may know I’ve agreed to run the Oakland A’s during SB Nation’s Offseason Simulation which kicks off this Sunday. I’m intrigued by the position Beane finds himself this offseason: with some tinkering (like acquiring a SS) the A’s should contend in 2015. But after that it looks like a rebuild will ...

11/14: November Blue Lounge 487

There is nothing on television right now.   Possible topics to discuss: Vacation spots Best way to cook an egg Christmas gifts you want      

Dam It All: The Return (lots of photos, plus videos) 10

While the rest of you were probably trying to ignore the World Series as best as you could, I spent a few days on vacation in Austin, Texas before returning and taking a couple more days to revisit Shasta and Oroville. As some of you know, I’ve kind of been keeping very close tabs on ...