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The Weekend Bowl 669

So much bowl. Presumably as the local fishmonger, inlaw.only is rooting for Seattle. Unless football hating is a family.only-wide trait. It could be. I thought it was for the aardvarks, too, until I saw this. So, Seattle: fish. Denver: aardvarks. Seattle: Openly gay mayor. Denver: Openly black mayor. Seattle: Legal weed. Denver: Legal weed. (California: ...

New things to worry about Grill 459

1. Larry MacPhail tries to kidnap you but ends up stealing your ashtray instead. 2. A porcupine falls on your head. 3. Nasal maggots from snorting Smarties. Let’s be careful out there.

1/17/14 Lounge: We’re Lounging, Bitches 317

Work tomorrow, Lounge tonight.

Making a Grill to serve you lazy FKers 489

Best Passive Aggressive Notes of 2013! Some nice ones in there…who doesn’t like getting a friendly critique their Godless Activities from a neighbor? Tommy Wingels of the Sharks is the leading advocate behind the acceptance-themed pro athletes organization You Can Play, to honor the memory of a gay friend of his from college. A’s fans ...

The Lounge that has that new year smell 309

2014. I like the sound of that. Twenty fourteen. Sounds like a year-number you remember later. FSU predicts memorable. Also, Fanfest announced for Saturday, Feb 8, based in the Oracle, but with access to the Coliseum as well. Happy New Year, FKers. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will ...