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Game whatevs: DMOAS believes so little he wont even post a game thread 216

So I will. Our Keystone Kops will hopefully catch the ball tonight and Soto may throw the ball to a MI. Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

Game 141: A non playoff team is here 206

The question is are 2 of them? We clearly need to shake things up. BoMel is putting BMo in the #2 hole. Writers think it is so he can see different pitches. I just think he has seen him hbitting like #2 for the last month. Kaz tries to stop his funk of pitching and ...

The stars come out in Minny: ASG Game thread 354

So they start the show with some intro like its a movie or something and they miss a chance to have all of the A’s walking together like Reservoir Dogs..Do I have to give them ALL the ideas? Thread it up FKers, we may not see this many A’s again for a while.

Content Removed 287

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I’m not FKing Over It. 293

The only thing cooler than last night (other than A’s success):

If this Grill Doesn’t Contain the Discussion I want, I’ll Veto it. 204

Memo to all you “Obama needs to take a more aggressive public posture” / “Bully pulpit or you’re GOP” people: Obama will veto any deficit reduction plan that does not include high-income tax cuts hikes. That’s as bully pulpit as it gets. Now watch how the GOP quickly and meekly gets in line and gives ...

Let me hear you say “Huh?” 84

Things that made me say “Huh” this morning: New age-y bullshit is bullshit. This is a picture of our ‘hood. In 5,000 megapixels. Fact-checkers continue to get the Ryan plan wrong. I knew Ellis had a real shot at history’s greatest Dakotan baseball player. I didn’t know he was up against Duchsherererererer Huh?

Prospecting 17

So on the occasion of the Sickels EXTREMELY PRELIMINARY list, I figured we should take a moment to talk through this stuff and do some blue/furry baiting. Sickels’ list: 1) Grant Green, SS, Grade B: Borderline B+ 2) Chris Carter, 1B-OF, Grade B: Borderline B+ 3) Michael Choice, OF, Grade B: Borderline B+ 4) Tyson ...

FK Tech Requests – This is not a grill 86

Alright people, listen up. I want you to drop (in) and give me 20 (ideas). This is not a grill. So far, the things on my list are: 1) Seeing if updating to WP3 will break everything No WP3 for you guys. 2) A button to allow editors to move a whole thread to another ...

FK Tech Talk 81

All, First, I’m about to embark on an upgrade to the most recent version. In tests on SandFK, it solved the new post issue, so we’ll see. Once that’s done, the only thing I’ve heard about is AJAXing new comments (so there’s no need to refresh). I’m sure there’s more, so havatcha!