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Spring Training Fk’ers. 299

hello and a pleasant good afternoon to you wherever you may be… it’s time to remember how to post stuff, game thread etc. the game is televised by the angels. so you could see video if you choose. also the Bauncast which I assume it the other vince guy again. Hope springs something something! to ...

Love Missile Game 1-11 You can call me Rays 390

The rays are back, but are now playing really really well. Tonight is Alex Cobb. The Angels this week are in the actual LA they have Greinke/Richards, Kershaw/Santiago, Haren/Shoemaker and Ryu/Wilson. Again the angels look lucky on paper. Should be a split. A’s have their MAXIMUM CATCHER line up: Fuld, Jaso, Donaldson, Moss, Norris, Reddick, ...

Game 96 Orioles in town 190

Traditional line up tonight Crisp Jaso Cespedes Moss Donaldson Vogt (1b) Lowrie Norris Parrino (2b boo). Samardzija v Tillman