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A’s at White Sox g2 12

A’s already up 4-0. Braden vs Danks. Rosales in at SS. Boof Bonser recalled from Sacto for the pen, Bowers back down. No idea when we’ll have the servers switched over.

A’s at White Sox g1 20

Brett Anderson returns! Cust and Barton back in the lineup! Oh, fucking great: Rain is in the forecast. and the tarp was on for a while earlier. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day for real rain, potentially much of the day. Pertinent updates: • Anderson (dur) activated • Bailey retroactively DL’ed (hunh: I missed ...

KOTD: Le kraut, c’est moi 62

SPECIAL LIMITED-EDITION CANADIAN KOTD!!!! Le Kraut King est mort! Vive le Kraut King! (Seriously, though, could anyone make head or tail of that article? Do Winnipeggians … uh, Winnipudlians … Winipedias … have some weird Daily Variety-type local patois?) Hands off my government kraut, you filthy Quebecois Randians! Did anyone else know that Mark McGuire ...

A’s at Rangers, g3 24

FUCK YOU GEREN YOU CLUELESS TOAD Rajai Run! A’s up 1-0 going to bottom 1. I expect that’s the last run we’ll see tonight from the A’s. No Cust, no Barton, no actual night off for Zk. Mazzaro vs CJ Wilson.

Is Braden the worst pitcher with a perfect game? 39

This arose out of a set of emails at work, and I figured I’d post it here since I hadn’t really thought through it before.  First off, here’s the list (the third column is career ERA+, by baseball-reference, as a starting point): Dallas Braden     05-09-2010 96  Oakland 4, Tampa Bay 0 Mark Buehrle      ...

My arm! 164

He’s fighting male genital mutilation McMegan Is Always Wrong, Chapter XVI 1, 2, 5, 54, 64 Welcome to FK, Goldman Sachs employees! In college, I played shofar for Goldman Sachs and the Liberal Funk Drum is really down on Obama, Part II: You know, if I’d wanted Dick Cheney as president I would have just ...

Game 100: A’s at Texas, Game 2 34

Crisp, Barton, Suzuki, Cust, Kouzmanoff, Ellis, Watson (LF), Davis (RF) and Pennington.  Trevor Cahill vs. the ever-so-fondly remembered ex-Athletic Colby Lewis. Some unfinished business from last night regarding the run the A’s scored, and the play where Coco Crisp was running from first base, nobody covered second and Crisp went on to third.  Crisp was ...

A Call To Action (and to Grill) 65

I’ll leave the links to you, but I wanted to talk about the first challenge since Obama’s election where us Californians can have an impact: Filibuster reform. Be warned, this is going to be liberal advocacy, so feel free to skip it and drop links, etc.

A’s at Rangers g1 34

Gio vs Eel Ffilc Rosales in at SS. Rajai in LF. Cust at DH. Maybe Geren’s been standing in the OF during BP.

DuPuy asks Reed to stop the vote 20

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. MLB promises to pay for spring special election. If it’s necessary. That’s … weird.