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Games 31-33: The A’s in Fenway 77

Almost any way you sort the AL pitching stats, the Red Sox staff ranks approximately #11 in the American League. Certainly below the A’s. The Orioles are at the bottom in just about every category and then the Rangers, White Sox and Royals show up in some order below Boston. The A’s are 10-3 against ...

Vladimir of the House Guerrero, Second of His Name, King of the Canadians 91

So cute. My son! The country that saw you as a child will now see you turn into a big one. Working hard everything can be done. I’m proud of you! Love you! ?? pic.twitter.com/WJyLBVKWoR — Vladimir Guerrero (@VladGuerrero27) April 25, 2019 Let’s ruin this party, eh?

25-27: Hound on the Mound 117

Chris Bassitt does not look like the answer to our pitching woes, but has kept Texas off the board through 3 innings, thanks in part to some good fielding from Jurickson Profar(?!) Meanwhile, the A’s have scored twice off of Mike Minor. T: Frankie Montas vs. Lance Lynn W: Aaron Brooks vs. Drew Smyly

Games 22-24: Eric Sogard returns! 115

They used to call him “Keebs” but I always thought Simon was a pretty good comp too. A.134/.241/.165 with the Brewers in the early part of last year earned him the rest of the summer in Colorado Springs and his eventual release. The Jays brought him to camp as an NRI and he was called ...

(18) XX, 19 Texas Khris Davises 175

Site Down for most of the day, back on after a horrible outing by Fiers. He is earning that non tender from late last year. Everyone seems excited about Edwin Jackson. Chris townsend can’t stop talking about golf.

Games 14-17: A’s at Baltimore 77

The stop in Baltimore should be a break after the misery of Houston, but the last couple days reminded us that the A’s are more than capable of stringing together a run of lousy, bullpen-killing starting pitching performances. Three night games and a day game before what I’d expect to be Marlins Park-like crowds at ...

Houston in April 39

Beats August. Catching the Astros while they’re down. Step on their necks! Frankie Magic vs McHugh Aaron Brooks vs not Keuchel Mike Fiers vs Peacock "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Games 7-10: A’s vs. Red Sox 186

The Red Sox pitching staff staggers into Oakland having given up 34 runs on 42 hits, including 11 home runs, and 19 walks in their four-game series in Seattle. I haven’t read any of the Boston media but I bet there’s some concern/worry/panic. Let’s hope the A’s can add to it. Monday night: Brooks vs. ...