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Games 157-8-9: Nevermind 167

No Marte: One of his amazing lats is sore. No Harrison: His everything is sore. No Jed or Elvis, got out while the getting was good. Ted Barrett, Adam Hamari, CB Bucknor, and Chad Fairchild have the wrong calls. M’s AA phenom Matt Brash could make his MLB debut tomorrow. We could plant a house. ...

The scurrilous baker boys 154-156 121

the matchups don’t matter

Games 150-153: Also Ran Zarathustra 215

The A’s still have a slim chance; the Mariners realistically don’t, so that’s 20 seasons, since 2001, for them without reaching postseason. (BTW that’s some nice background music for whatever else you might be doing; jam band music that everybody would like.) I suppose they have some incentive to finish ahead of the A’s for ...

Imagineering the Elimination 147, 148, 149 159

So underway, the A’s have already loaded the bases with one out against a AA pitcher and failed to score. Diaz v irwin Suarez v Jeffries Montas v Barria

Mmmmm barbecue, and also Games 144, 145 and 146 129

I last went to Kansas City in 2013, and it’s one I enjoy for the ballpark and the dining. The A’s are there in late June next season; I’ll keep it on the list over the offseason. Kaufmann Stadium, nearly 50 years old, is a bit out in the boondocks to the east of town ...

Mess with Texas 141-2-3 131

Mess their hair, their equipment, their clubhouse toilets. Mess their hotel room fire alarms. Mess the fuck out of them and their whole repulsive state. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Home, sweet(?), home: White Sox 138-140 127

Two batters, and two “and nobody’s gonna get it” calls into the game, it feels like it might be a long night. Liam Hendriks is back in town. We may see him if the A’s can keep a game close enough. T: Kaprielian vs. Jimmy Lambert W: Montas vs. Keuchel Th (day): Manaea vs. Reynaldo ...

Canadian Gamblers, Swindlers, and Men of Ill Repute, 135-7 201

Our heroes cross the border into the wild lawless north. It will not be easy, as Canada is filled with lowlifes who’d just as soon poison your sushi as look at you. Albeit politely. Famous gamblers. The guy who founded Cirque Du Soleil is on the list. Drug-addled cretins. This guy was Toronto’s mayor. Dangerous ...