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Game 82: Leaving the halfway house 117

The A’s take their 27-15 road record into Detroit for a three-game test. Tonight’s matchup is Scott Kazmir vs. Anibal Sanchez. Jerry Layne is assigned to this series too, but fortunately for Kazmir he’s at second base tonight. It looks like a steamy night at Comerica Park, but the severe thunderstorms are supposed to hold ...

Sincerely Held Beliefs Grill 282

Time for a new grill. Our first three items are actually about baseball. And have also already been linked, but so what. Latest all-star balloting. Donaldson still has a big lead, Cespedes barely ahead of Melky Cabrera and Adam Jones, Norris still in second. Finishing second to the injured Wieters would not guarantee that Norris ...

Game 81: Season half full 219

Green vs. orange here too. Gentry, Callaspo, Cespedes, Donaldson, Freiman, Moss, Punto, Vogt, Milone vs. LHP Andrew Heaney. Already down 1-0 on a Yelich triple and Callaspo error. Go Green!

Baseball is also being played (Game 80) 276

Approaching the halfway point of the season, Oakland tries to get to an even 50 wins. Sonny Gray back from a long rest to face Nathan Eovaldi. Covelli, John, Yoenis, Brandon, Joshua, Jed, William (Joshua R.), Alberto, Sonny

WC – Round of 16: It’s a Knockout 548

Sat Jun 28th Brazil – Chile 9am Colombia – Uruguay 1pm Sun Jun 29th Holland – Mexico 9am Costa Rica – Greece 1pm Mon Jun 30th France – Nigeria 9am Germany – Algeria 1pm Tue Jul 1st Argentina – Switzerland 9am Belgium – USA 1pm

Game 79: Pride Weekend! 184

Happy Pride! Happy beat the Marlins!

Game 78: at the Metropolitan Baseball Club 212

A’s already up 2-0 on a Moss homer; Dolla Dolla Mills on the mound. Cheeseboard pizza will be warming in the oven sometime in the next hour. Joe West behind the plate. JOE SMASH!

Game 77: Take a bite out of Bartolo Colon! 155

It’s the opener of a quick two-game series against the Mets at Bailout Field, and the A’s look to draw first blood by sinking their teeth into Bartolo’s thick neck the juicy meatballs served up by their former teammate. Current Mets with A’s ties, in addition to Colon, include CY25 (who’s in the starting lineup ...

FKing Hosting Time 30

All, Just a quick note to tell you that our annual hosting bill has just posted. It came to $81, plus whatever the tiny amount is that I pay for the rights to freekraut.net (I think we are talking like $5/year, but it is through a different company and I’m too lazy to check). So ...

6/23/14 Lounge: Lounge? 140

Shall we Lounge?