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As the Bullpen Burns – Season 2015, Episode 23 – Abad Cook Serves Lunch 151

Welcome back to your favorite afternoon soap! I believe Stephen Vogt gets a break today. Fuld CF, Semien SS, Davis 1B, Butler DH, Reddick RF, Lawrie 3B, Canha LF, Sogard 2B, Phegley C. Jesse Chavez vs. Garrett Richards.

Game 22: We learned the wrong lesson 87

So we won last night. But instead of feeling good and knowing we can take these guys, we decided the important thing was to give up 2 in the first. We are in progress, 2-0 B1

Don’t Start a Ri-ot: Grillin, Is what I got 232

The last grill was so full of Revy goodness that it seems like we need to get some fresh links up in here.

Mad Men – Season 7, Episode 11 – An Ending 3

The episode was a reminder that the show can be quite good. 

Game 21: Gray vs. Weaver, the sequel 110

This is the matchup that produced a 9-2 Athletics victory last Wednesday…their last win, in fact. The A’s lineup is similar, with Gentry replacing Canha. Fuld CF, Semien SS, Vogt C, Butler DH, Davis 1B, Reddick RF, Lawrie 3B, Sogard 2B, Gentry LF. The A’s and their fans welcome old friend Angel Hernandez, who draws ...

Game 20: Because we arent using that cursed one twice 98

I’m not letting that stink of a last game thread stick around here. We are again in progress, but at least this time we are scoreless. A’s vs this guy: Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

Game 19: If everyone is at the Coli did a GT actually happen? 24

With the T-shirt giveaway I’m thinking everyone is there. But that should not stop us from having at least a marker of this game. We are in progress, lets fire up the CPU and check the score… Sweet Jesus! 4-0 the bad guys in the bottom of the 3rd. Graveman is sucking it up, leading ...

Game 18 the one where ray is on the radio 98

lineups tk Semien! Canha Zobrist (DH) Butler 1b, ross (who?) lawrie (with an a) Phegley Gentry Kazmir v Dallas not braden I have $5. No I don\'t.

Game 17: Played Out Tropeano 109

Yes I will use a pun for my first game thread this season. We join this game already in progress, top of the second, no score. A’s vs Angels for the final game of the series in Anaheim.

Better Call Saul – Season 1, Episode 10 – Twilight Zone 1

Yeah, I was busy at the time. So before it all slips my mind…