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A’s vs Yankees 23

Anderson vs another “He’s Still Alive?” who will doubtless smother the A’s bats No Staplehead, no Cliffy. #Athletics vs. #Yankees: Crisp CF, DeJesus RF, Jackson 1B, Willingham DH, Sweeney LF, Suzuki C, Ellis 2B, Kouz. 3B, LaRoche SS, Anderson P — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) May 31, 2011

Risk is our business 16

Yeah, that would do it: mikeV bait: Yeah, this is awesome: I would have pegged him as a Slegnum: Bloom bait: mb bait: mikeA bait:

Erubiel Durazo and John Jaha are alive and well in New Zealand 46

Hunh. Using julienned zukes as a pasta substitute? I may try that tonight … I guess once attendance plateaued at this level, it was inevitable that **ers would become the vocal majority This sucks I dunno. The whole “my social media account was hacked” excuse sounds thin, but this just seems pretty unlikely. I think ...

The Return of Slouzmanoffer 26

#Athletics vs.#Orioles: Crisp cf, Barton 1b, DeJesus rf, Willingham lf, Matsui dh, Suzuki c, Ellis 2b, Kouzmanoff 3b, Pennington ss. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) May 28, 2011 Game will start at 7:15 #athletics — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) May 29, 2011 Outman vs Some Guy

FKing tailgate dates? 39

EDIT: I set up a scheduling poll to help us see which dates will work best. Click here. This year’s FKing tailgate should be the best FKing tailgate ever! Everyone who’s ever posted lurked or even derided us elsewhere needs to show up.

A’s – O’s 17

Orioles haven’t won even 70 games in a year since 2006. A’s haven’t lost this season series since 1998. A’s lead the game 1-0 in top of 2nd. Orioles have the bases loaded with no outs. Will we have change, or la même chose?

XKCD = Grill 63

Brilliant! Also, of course Kz is the sole Athletic able to quickly recover from injuries.

gaME tHread: A’s @ Slegna 26

#Athletics at #Angels Crisp CF, DeJesus RF, Jackson 1B, Willingham LF, Matsui DH, Suzuki C, Ellis 2B, LaRoche 3B, Pennington SS, Anderson P — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) May 26, 2011 Anderson vs Pineiro

Bustered 29

Yeah, that was ugly. Hope it isn’t a spiral fracture, which was my first thought when I saw it. WTF, Reid? Absolutely FKin shameful/less. Sullivan iz learning {snerk} Johnson and Santorum YOTD1: Harvard … it’s no South Carolina State or Florida A&M University YOTD2: Israel does us no favors and is no use to us. ...

Game 50: A’s @ Slegna 23

Cahill vs Santana #Athletics at #Angels Crisp CF, Barton 1B, DeJesus RF, Willingham DH, Sweeney LF, Powell C, Ellis 2B, LaRoche 3B, Pennington SS, Cahill P — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) May 25, 2011