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FAIL-off: Sheets vs Patterson 24

A’s trailing 3-2 to the O’s. Wait — WTF just happened on that play?

Spillover Grill 49

1. The Democrat hits lefty.. Also: Said GOP team captain Joe Barton (R-Texas), “The most important thing about tonight is that we exceeded our charitable goal by so much. The Boys and Girls Club are the real winners here.” But in another, more real sense, the Democrats were the winners: 13-5. 2. If you wish ...

A’s at Orioles 24

Mazzaro vs Matusz. Braden scratched with “stiff elbow” (maybe he should try boiling it in salted water?). Sweeknee out. Geren goes rightie-crazy.

Do the right thing 118

1. It is important to create a culture that encourages doing the right thing. The opening letter from BP CEO Tony Hayward to the BP Code of Conduct reads: “If you are unsure of what to do in particular circumstances or concerned that the code is being broken, you have a responsibility to speak up. ...

A’s vs Pirates game 2 23

Cahill vs some non-presidential Pirate.

A’s vs Pirates 34

No matter what else happens this weekend, we always have this to comfort us in our times of despair: Lineup (and news that Jackson is now damaged): Crisp cf, Barton 1b. Kouzmanoff 3b, Suzuki c, Sweeney rf, Cust DH, Ellis 2b, Pennington ss, Davis lf Sheets vs some Pittsburgh guy


Too Much Rain Threatens Sauerkraut Production: 83%? Seems to me that the US kraut market requires federal antitrust intervention. Better call Sauerkraut Saul! SAUERKRAUT BALLS!

A chicken shack on duck run 130

Well, they were getting hammered Approaching meteor/puny forearms Let me get this straight, Ray: you’re going to criticize Braden for his torturous metaphors? Also: “well-eyed grounders”? Rangers bankruptcy not quite so bad, but they still prolly can’t afford Oswalt (not that it matters any more anyway) they melt into something creamy and delicious that you ...

Early game thread + groverbaiting/slusterbating 52

No Cust again today, again vs a RHSP. Jackson at DH, Gross in RF, Rajai in LF. Crisp leading off. And Rosales gives Cliffy (at least?) one day off. Byg Twyt speculates a roster shakeup a-comin’ — I agree. The Fox/Patterson DFAs were likely the initial volley. He thinks Cust is gone in a couple ...

A’s vs Reds 14

Braden already down 3-0. I expect/hope he’ll be DL’ed tomorrow.