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Its over now 139

rangers got last.

I don’t wish to alarm anyone… 134

…but the A’s are .500 since the All-Star break. Brodie predicted it, turns out. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Adrian and his merry men 148

baseball, fireworks, tailgates

Deeeeetroit. Baseball Time. 170

Philly cocktail 60

My old friend Nick (formerly known on AN as “Nick”) is in Philly. He suggests: The Full Count 1 1/2 oz Root 1 oz Lillet 1/8 oz creme de cacao 3/4 oz lemon juice 1 sour cherry preserved in Maraschino liqueur Root is almost overwhelmingly flavored – sort of like an 80-proof bitters. The Lillet ...

Hey Nineteen 123

It’s a divided-attention night with action going on in both Boston and Cleveland. However it goes down, get out the Cuervo Gold and the fine Colombian and make tonight a wonderful thing. Tuesday at 4:10: Oakland at Boston: Sean Manaea vs. Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit at Cleveland: Matthew Boyd vs. Corey Kluber (on MLB Network) Wednesday ...

Four for the price of three 157

Houston arrives on their long slow coast into the playoffs, whereupon their long months without competitive threats will manifest in a three-and-out. The A’s promise not to interrupt. Now, though, four games in three days, with the A’s throwing up the daunting quartet of Cotton, Gossett-n-Mengden, and Graveman respectively. Down 2-0 in the first on ...

Labor of Love 177

Except for the Scioscia/Angels part, I hate those guys. Monday brings us Parker Bridwell (sounds like Exeter, actually Hereford) vs Chris “Nondescript” Smith. Tuesday is the Lost Season Bowl of Garrett Richards vs Kendall Graveman. Wednesday matinee of Skaggs v Manaea. Two of three in the daylight presumably favors the less undead Oaklanders. "Kraut will ...

A’s Start September in Seattle 66

Expanded rosters bring us Barreto, Phegley, Smolinski, and Sam Moll. Leake/Manaea Gallardo/Cotton Albers/Gossett