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77: Royal Pain in the Ass 7

Just now, I think theirs is the better team. How godawful wretched is that? VOGT IS IN THE LINE-UP! Royals SS: Alcides Escobar 3B: Mike Moustakas CF: Lorenzo Cain 1B: Eric Hosmer DH: Kendrys Morales LF: Alex Gordon C: Salvador Perez RF: Alex Rios 2B: Omar Infante SP: Chris Young Athletics CF: Sam Fuld 3B: Brett Lawrie DH: Stephen Vogt LF: Ben Zobrist RF: Josh Reddick C: Josh Phegley 1B: Ike Davis ...

Welcome to the new layout 486

As you can see, the new layout has made its way to the live site. Please post any technical issues, design suggestions, or other comments in this thread. If you post them elsewhere, I may not see them. In the meantime, benefits of the new design include: 1. Responsive layout, which means it should look ...

This is the Grilling of the Age of Aquarius! 628

Welcome to the new epoch. I’m excited for the possibilities…transcending hatred, encountering new alien life, extending our consciousness beyond the bounds of this mortal coil. Good times. Still, I can’t help but be a little scared too. Furious true believers get better-armed in more places around the world daily. The Large Hadron could twiddle the ...

Freekraut: A blog at the intersection of sports and politics 164

Brilliant! @i8dc @cschweitz sports reporters know infinitely more about the fundamentals than political rs. Imagine bball covered by football reporters — J. Bradford DeLong (@delong) August 16, 2012 @delong @i8dc @cschweitz sports reporters not required to get "balancing quote" after observing pitcher gave up ten runs — Brett Arends (@BrettArends) August 16, 2012 Grill away.

6월27일의 아침 그릴 (& Makeshift Game 76 Thread) 195

Apparently, there is an afternoon game happening today right around now. In the meantime, maybe we can sit down for a Korean barbecue-style grill until then. Why not? 1. Tell me, Sasha Frere-Jones, what do Canadian cardboard cut out pop star poster child for immigration reform Justin Bieber and Japanese noise artist Merzbow have in ...

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Of Ravines and Bandwagons: A Week’s Worth of FAIL 11

This is for both the Dodgers and the Giants series. Two FAILs for the price of one! Probable Pitchers Scoring tool Sign up This FAIL is worth up to 60 points. 1a. Which of the Kemp-less Dodgers or the class-less Giants has more wins against the A’s in their series? (tie is acceptable) (2 points) ...

New Week; New Grill 134

Since FK’s trojan horse keyboard monitors only work when we are getting high comment counts, I’m going to bait the whole FKing lot of you. As follows.

Falling off the FAILwagon 16

Well, we haven’t done one of these in a while, but I signed up for it back when, so I’m posting one anyway. Maybe we’ll get this restarted. This series features the A’s (26-32) visiting the Valley Fever-blasted wastelands of the Diamondbacks (27-30). The Diamondbacks have been frequent trade partners of the A’s in recent years. ...

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