May ← 2013 ← FREE KRAUT!

Game 56: The White Sox come to town 194

To those of you who were hoping for a Rosales DFA, so sorry. The only roster move is Reddick off the DL, Montz sent to Sacramento. In the booth, Vince is back; Roxy gets the weekend off but fills in for Korach in Milwaukee next week. Your 2013 Oakland Athletics send out this lineup, behind ...

FK Day III: Gestalt on Asphalt. June 15. High Noon. 136

As Will Rogers might have said, if he was a snarky basement-dwelling internet kid and A’s fan: I never meta FKup I didn’t like. And he woulda been right, too. A slab of meat, a jug of beer, and thou. This is what separates us from the lower order species like Angels fans, who are ...

Game #55 A’s at Giants. Final game of the Reg-ular season 190

Crisp, Lowrie, Cespedes, Donaldson, Frieman, Young, Norris, Rosales, Griffin. V FITZ

Grill/Filk/Lounge: Not a good year for Rosales 172

With apologies to George Jones: I can hardly bear the sight of high socks in the infield when he plays Battin’ cold out in the eight spot, but he’s the only thing that we’ve got At shortstop Oh we thought a cup of coffee while Jed Lowrie was hungover from some drinks But it turned ...

Game 54: A urinal trough by any other name would smell as sweet 703

No Vince Cotroneo tonight, so we won’t have to listen to him denigrate the achievement when Tommy Milone hits for the cycle. Crisp CF, Lowrie SS, Cespedes LF, Smith RF, Donaldson 3B, Jaso C, Moss 1B, Sogard 2B, Milone P

Game 53: FK the Giants (part 2) 453

Enjoy the game. I’m currently on a conference call, so maybe I’ll catch up later if I’m still alive.

5/27/13 Lounge: Catchy Title Here 177

Well bugs and grills, Memorial Day is coming to an end. Back to work tomorrow. Unless you work weekends like me, then enjoy the rest of the week off. Lounge me.

Game 52: FK the Giants 322

And all their fans. Especially their fans. I’m heading for the Coliseum, then to Stockton for the Ports and Reddick’s rehab. Happy threading to those of you who’ll be here!

Game 51: getaway day 186

Our boys try to get the sweep behind probably the only pitcher in baseball that I am younger and in better shape than.

Game 50: Athletics @ Disastros 292

Happy Memorial Day weekend, you FKers! Tonight’s game is a Fox regional broadcast. Here’s your regionalization map. Sorry about that, Fresno. #Athletics (Griffin) @ #Astros (Harrell): Crisp CF, Jaso C, Cespedes DH, Smith LF, Donaldson 3B, Moss 1B, Young RF, Sogard 2B, Rosales SS — Jane Lee (@JaneMLB) May 25, 2013 Cespedes taking some grounders ...