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Game -1 Condition Oakland 348

Slusserfacts Slusserfun: Cespedes just hit a ball into a suite in Mt Davis. He's ridiculous. #Athletics. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) March 30, 2013 No news on Nakajima but Melvin says it remains likely he'll open season on DL. #Athletics — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) March 30, 2013 lineup #Athletics vs. #SFGiants: Crisp CF, Jaso C, Reddick ...

Tonight we’re gonna lounge like it’s $19.99 418

What is the most fun you can have for less than $20?

Game -2: Their house, our rules 258

Being broadcast free on NBC in the Bay Area and on everywhere. Crisp (CF) Lowrie (SS) Young (RF) Cespedes (LF) Donaldson (3B) Norris (C) Freiman (1B) Smith (DH) Sizemore (2B) + Griffin — Pagan (CF) Scutaro (2B) Sandoval (DH) Posey (C) Pence (RF) Belt (1B) Crawford (SS) Blanco (LF) Noonan (3B) + Zito

Game -3: The Thread 163

I have a radio on a small table next to my chair in the living room. My cat likes to jump up on the back of the chair, then sit on top of the radio and gradually insinuate herself onto my lap.  I have no idea why she does this instead of jumping onto my ...

This Grill is on Fire! 292

Saturday is the grand opening of a new store in Berkeley devoted entirely to hot sauce. I will most definitely visit this place; I love hot sauce in all its formulations. I usually have 4-5 bottles open at any one time, just to have the right sauce to pair with the right meal. Also, remember ...

The Lounge where we dust off the crystal ball 378

Friends it’s time to put on your thinking cap, call The Psychic Friends Hotline and predict the future for the upcoming 2013 Major League Baseball season. Pick the winners, pick the losers, pick who will win awards and pick how many many A’s will grow beards this year. So pick away or completely ignore me ...

Science etc. Tuesday 228

1. In our increasingly electrified world better battery technology is always important. I don’t know enough about this subject to know if this will end up being an important breakthrough (llama?) but as we’ve discussed before graphene seems pretty cool in its own right. 2. An improvement by a factor of three in the efficiency ...

The Lounge Where I Pose A Question 151

And the question is: who was the first president to have sex in the Oval Office? Or was Clinton the only one? Make your points and defend your arguments!

The Lounge where we go through the motions. 389

Here’s a new lounge.

Sunday Son of Spring Salmagundi 141

Yesterday’s thread got lounged and swelled up. The Oakland A’s led by A.J. take on L.A. (the real one) on CSN-CA with Glen and Ray. Freiman starts at DH. #Athletics vs. #Dodgers: Young CF, Sizemore 2B, Lowrie 3B, Cespedes LF, Moss 1B, Smith RF, Norris C, Freiman DH, Nakajima SS (Griffin P) — Jane Lee ...