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The Grilff 122

temporary “StAy” … yeah, you lawyers can fill in the rest I really don’t understand this at all. Zito t-boned by red-light runner Fast Passes going up incrementally in July FREE SUGAR! Yeah, linked in 3 consecutive Grills: A’s have new radio home. Slusser adds details, speculation.

A Pirate Looks at Fifty 125

Today wraps up a half-century as it’s my first day of AARP membership eligibility. I don’t want to call it “the first half-century”; God forbid there would be a second one. Give me another 25 good years, then a few decent but declining years to wrap up the loose ends, then take me behind the ...

Low-volume, asynchronous conversation? Low-volume, asynchronous conversation. 42

Alderson/Henderson TWHMS You are trained from a young age to respect your equipment Crowley bait: Champions are really built when nobody is watching Um, Andrew … What he does is grasp constantly for huge, world-historical theories and systems in order to situate himself in the present. Doubt rattles him; moderation befuddles him; pragmatism offends him. ...

Game chat 47

I’m starting up a group on a new site called Convore, to which you are all invited. My nephew is one of the three co-founders of this new startup that is part of the Y Combinator incubator process. I’ve been using it in beta since Thanksgiving as a family group site, and it’s recently been ...

Today’s Daily Deals 55

1. Investment advice … 30% off! 2. Buy one Canseco, get the other free instead! 3. Murky News, now with extra rank speculation about contraction! 4. OF prospect, minor damage (anyone with a Scout subscription know the details?)

Mad Slubs 3

Fill in the blank: When Geren first told us Bailey was sock-throwing, I assumed he was __________

Monster Radness! I mean–Roster Madness! (Athland Oakletics) 23

In years past, I would make a shallow preason seaview season preview over at NA AN. It was essentially a vanity project in which I photoshopped players’ faces together and provided possibly less insight than a Murray Chass hit piece.

Friday Fun All Alliterative Chimu Charrenge 37

OK. It’s three AM and I am in a drug induced daze, so feel free to take this thing and axe it if you yearn to do so. First, a “chimu” is a “team” in Japan. You can guess what a “charrenge” is. The goal is to make the top team of position players using ...

Five tools 98

Ah, yes, the true traditional sign of spring: when I archive the March Madness app and replace it on my front page with the MLB app …

FKWiz/Grill 34

Has someone linked to the EloRater at Baseball-Reference yet?  It’s like Moneybutt (for those of you who remember that far back), except for realsies.  And it’s horribly addicting.  Onto the FKwiz… 1. Three active players have hit over 500 home runs.  Who are they? 2. Of those three, only one has hit over 500 doubles. ...