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Today was a good day. Played some golf….had a nice dinner with my wife….and my Jayhawks  are in the title game….Here’s a new lounge.

Saturday games thread 159

Final Four: Despite my obvious disappointment at Carolina’s absence, this Final Four should be a lot of fun. One truly great team in Kentucky, reps from the three best conferences in Kansas of the Big 12, Ohio State of the Big 10, and Louisville of the Big East, one genuinely nasty rivalry in Louisville-Kentucky, three ...

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In the news…. K.O. KO’d by Current TV….Sean Payton to appeal his suspension….Bin Laden liked to buy homes and father babies….A sequel to Twins in the works….Jim Leyland has actually been dead since 1994….and finally Velveeta proven to be a weapon of mass destruction.

Grilled strata 198

Breakfast strata: leftover Acme olive bread, milk, eggs, sauteed cabbage, S&P, olive oil, romano cheese. Pic before popping in the oven: Would go well with some links on the side. Anyone got some?

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And I’m Ron Burgundy. Go FK yourself,  Free Kraut.

In the hands of uncreative people, that would be a recipe for laziness and mediocrity 241

O RLY, Mitt? O RLY, Rick? Have you seen the 2012 A’s? There’s no way they’ll be the good one! Ogando back to the pen #Rangers also release minor leaguers: RHP Jorge Marban, 1B Clark Murphy, OF Kendall Radcliffe, INF Jonathan Roof, OF Ruben Sierra. — Richard Durrett (@espn_durrett) March 28, 2012 “I changed the ...

Game 2: A’s vs M’s 142

game 2, bitches. #Athletics vs. #Mariners game two: Weeks 2B, Pennington SS, Crisp LF, Gomes DH, Suzuki C, Cespedes CF, Reddick RF, Donaldson 3B, Ka'aihue 1B — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) March 29, 2012

Last call for April 21 FKup game tickets 154

On next week Wednesday, April 4, I will spend my lunch hour in some dark, dank back hallway of the Coliseum, handing an envelope stuffed with unmarked small denomination bills to a shadowy guy I know only as “Josh.” In exchange, he claims he’ll hand me Fistful of Ducats (an alt username of mine some ...

Ladies and gentlemen, your Sacramento Morlocks! 181

“You are the starting third baseman. You’re just not starting there tonight.” Jim Harbaugh, shot dead on a field in Durham monkeyball/DFA bait Holy crap but this is cool Mitt Romney was vague on [day of the week] about how he would deal with [issue/policy]. On the other hand, though … UNDERGROUND STADIUM!!! / mikeA ...

Game 1: A’s vs M’s 299

Pitching for the M’s: Godless communist Venezuelan-not-man-candy Felix Hernandez. I am so sick of opening the season against this guy. On the side of good: All-american funnyman twittering demigod, Brandon McCarthy. #Athletics Opening Night lineup: Weeks 2B, Pennington SS, Crisp LF, Smith DH, Suzuki C, Reddick RF, Cespedes CF, Allen 1B, Sogard 3B. — Susan ...