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The Lounge where we say goodbye to 2014 358

Here’s a lounge for us to look to the future or talk about the past…or soccer, whatever floats your boat.

The Wreck of the Athletics Payroll 12

As inspired by the classic Gordon Lightfoot story song. The legend lives on from Steve Vucinich on down In the big park they call Glitchy Gloomy The team, it is said, often gives up for dead When the deals of December turn loony With a load of signed scores twenty-five salaries more Than the Athletics ...

The Lounge where Jennifer gets what she asked for…a new lounge 406

Here you go…

The Lounge where we hold hands and sing 406

Another day. Another Lounge.

Back to Africa: Tanzania & Uganda (Photos, lots) 47

I just came back from Africa and, as always, it was a trip that will leave everlasting memories. It was basically fourfold and I’d like to share all four parts with those of you who have decent Internet connection as it is somewhat image heavy. First part was Amani Children’s Home. Some five years ago I ...

The Lounge where our love is bigger than a Subaru 378

Breaking News!!! Billy Beane has just traded all the guys he just traded for so he could get a new set of guys to trade. I think this calls for a new lounge…well, that and the other one was getting full.

Winter Meetings Grill! 552

Why not? Sources: Oakland's talks with the Indians regarding Brandon Moss have been revived, and the two sides are on the verge of a deal. — Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) December 8, 2014 Wait wut… Jason Hammel guaranteed $18 million over 2 years, source confirms @ChrisCotillo report. Deal includes team option with $2MM buyout … — ...

December Lounge: Winter in My Heart 363

November came and went. Here’s another Lounge.