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I totes win the last post of the year grill 379

1. Eviscerated 2. I knew there was a reason not to like him 2. The internets are about to collapse under the weight of dumb trade proposals

The Taint of the Holidays Grill 393

That’s what the period between Christmas and New Years is. Some linkage: Yes. Yes please.  Compensation for your missing limbs This is the kinda stuff that makes me really wish I had someone I was in love with to buy one of these for. Yup I got one

Ellis Suzuki Macha 35 Ellis Suzuki Macha is the thing to say On a bright Athletics Christmas Day That’s the Oakland greeting that we send to you From the land we call FK Here we know that Christmas gold ‘n green and bright The links to grill by day and all to lounge at night Ellis Suzuki Macha ...

Content Removed 97

Content Removed

This is the Grilling of the Age of Aquarius! 628

Welcome to the new epoch. I’m excited for the possibilities…transcending hatred, encountering new alien life, extending our consciousness beyond the bounds of this mortal coil. Good times. Still, I can’t help but be a little scared too. Furious true believers get better-armed in more places around the world daily. The Large Hadron could twiddle the ...

12/19/12 Lounge 126

I’m without internet, so I’m smart phoning this in. I need some entertainment, bitches. I’ve missed you guys, but not enough to read all the comments on my phone.

Who should play SS on 2013 Oakland Athletics – a case for, but mostly against, Hiroyuki Nakajima 71

Just rehashing what has been said so far, so we have a central place for analysis later.

We’re bringing everyone back, guys 325

Drew to Red Sox. One year 9.5 million I don’t really care about losing Drew but it’s annoying how, in an offseason where the team basically only has one hole and supposedly plenty of resources to fill it with, they are still resorting to Plan D or Plan F. Nakajima doesn’t appeal to me and ...

Grill Me Baby One More Time 583

I like Britney. Fuck you. Hold it against me If Britney herself is not rebuttal enough, scientists now agree: The old 1948 fruit fly breeding study truism that males want to fuck everything and females are selectively demure was wrong! Man, that shit was in my high school textbook! Because it made intuitive sense to ...

How the West Will Be Won 98

I envision this as a community project that helps test my hypothesis that you can project team wins based on last year’s TTL (True Talent Level) Wins and accounting for roster changes (be it different players on the roster or different performances that are expected from the same players, because of the expected talent level ...